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    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2019
    Hey all,

    I've been riding on 700x38 Panaracer Paselas between 60-80psi for many years and have loved them. A few years back, when Compass started making "wide supple tires", I was intrigued but didn't bother because of the price. Well, I was pretty much right.

    I've been riding on some Compass Bon Jon Pass 700x38s and there's a SLIGHT difference in ride quality, but not double the ride quality, which I would hope for when paying twice as much. "Marginal gains" is the apt term here. I'm also not riding as many centuries as I used to, where these marginal gains would be more significant. I am able to run slightly lower pressures (around 50-60), but nowhere near the 35-40psi advised by Compass. Maybe that's for tubeless?

    FWIW, I won't be buying another set of Compass tires as the Paselas are perfectly fine for the commuting and occasional long mixed terrain rides I do.

    Lastly, I have always been flummoxed that the only place I can get my precious 700x38 Paselas is goddamn Amazon. I have asked several bike shops to order them for me and they don't seem to be able to get them. If anyone has any insight as to how I can get these tires through a local shop, I'd be appreciative.

    Happy biking!
    • CommentTimeMar 11th 2019
    The Panaracers I had (abet in 26" size, 559-32) were the fast rolling tires I ever had on my recumbent. I even reviewed them for Amazon:

    These tires have amazingly low rolling resistance and their suppleness smooths out the ride. The bike coasts like magic as well. I find myself coasting past folks who are pedaling down slight grades. Amazing,.

    Of course I wore thru them in 1000 miles.

    The Compass tires I bought afterward (2014) were nice, but above 20mph they made a lot of noise.

    That's when I switched to Vittoria Rubino Pro slicks.

    The new "Marathon Almotion" look like to be the low-watt winners in the wide (40mm) tire contest. Supposed to have some special low hysteresis compound.

    The Schwalbe Marathon Almotion is one of the newest tires in the Schwalbe Marathon lineup. Just like the new Marathon Supreme (read review) that I reviewed some time ago, the Almotion uses the very low rolling resistance OneStar compound that is also used on Schwalbe's top of the line road bike tires.
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    • CommentTime4 days ago
    Pacific Coast Cycles has Paselas.
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    • CommentTime2 days ago
    eaton:Pacific Coast Cycles has Paselas.

    700x38? I've spoken with a few shops around town and like I mentioned before, they can't seem to get the 38's.