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    • CommentAuthorkevma89
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2019
    Hi folks, longtime local cyclist (very recreational) but a newbie to this forum. Came across this resource while Googling around -- so much great info on here on the local cycling community, routes, etc.

    Twice in recent weeks on the 56 bike path (in straightaway section around Rancho Penasquitos), I've come across this weird phenomenon in which I pull up alongside a fellow cyclist to pass, and they suddenly increase their speed so that I can't pass them. Then they slow down ... and I eventually catch up at my normal speed and pull alongside to pass again, at which point they speed up again.

    I see this behavior a lot from cars when I'm driving, but it seems like an especially antisocial thing to do on a bike path. I should specify that I'm not pedaling any harder or shifting gears in order to pass, I'm simply maintaining my speed.

    Has anyone else encountered this? After about the 4th time I gave up trying to pass the guy and just hung right behind him until my "exit," but I'm curious to try to understand what his motivations were, aside from machismo about not wanting to be passed and/or wanting to preserve his "open view." (I also have a pretty crappy bike, so maybe it had something to do with not wanting to be shown up by a clunker.)

    In the moment I couldn't think of anything appropriate to say, though I almost said something along the lines of, "I swear I'm not trying to race you! Just maintaining my speed." I have a feeling I would've just been ignored anyway, as he sped away for the 5th time. :-P
    • CommentAuthort.e.d
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2019
    Sounds like some exciting Cat 6 racing here. Is it the same person both times? I haven't had much experience with the 56 path, but that part of town tends to attract some Type A cyclists.
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2019
    Ack, some people are like that when they're driving a car as well as when they're riding a bike, I'm afraid. I can understand not wanting to get caught on a climb, but if someone is catching you more than once already, you might as well just go your own speed and let them pass. :P Hopefully most people you find on the bike isn't like that. :)

    (Especially since ebikes became popular, I've just about given up on the not getting caught on the climb thingy myself :) ).