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    Yeah, there is a reason why Bryan and Cynthia are called Orange and Purple.

    The families and children of South LA and Leimert park needed this CicLAvia. It is a welcome street relief from the onslaught of Motordom.

    Bike Powered Sound System for Dance Jam

    Is it a Rickshaw or a Trike
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    After CicLAvia, we explored nearby places by bike. The Metro Gold Line has a station near these great destination. It is definitely a weekend destination. You could spend a whole day just riding around the area.

    Natural History Museum

    Exposition Park Rose Garden

    California Science Center

    And University of Southern California.
    CicLAvia coming to San Fernando Valley in spring 2015

    An October study from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs found that the estimated 150,000 attendees at the June 2013 CicLAvia helped increase sales 10 percent for nearby Wilshire Boulevard businesses on the day of the event. If a business participated in the festival by playing music or opening a vending table, sales for that business rose 57 percent.
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    Metro presents: ciclavia - the valley
    March 22, 2015 - 9am-4pm

    Metro gave a lot of money last year to ciclavia with the payback that the events would start stretching out into other areas of la county. Stoked to see it happening already! Hopefully by 2016 or 2017 there can be an open streets event somewhere in la county every month!

    Here's hoping that san Diego's ciclosdias continues to grow from two per year to three and so on...
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    Escondido (North SD County) is getting their own open streets event:

    Please join us for Escondido's first ever Open Streets Celebration – CicloVia Escondido.

    WHAT Is a Ciclovia?:
    CicloVia is an Open Street event. Streets are temporarily closed to automobile traffic and people participate by: walking, bicycling, dancing, playing, and socializing….urban space becomes an urban park.

    CicloVia Escondido will open a one-mile loop in downtown Escondido so people can enjoy healthy activities, local businesses and their neighbors in a safe, fun and car free way.
    This is a free event, no registration is required.
    It’s open to anyone who wants to bike, walk, stroll, skate or dance as long as they’re using a non-motorized vehicle.
    Families and pets (on leashes) are welcome. Activities will include special promotions and festivities from local businesses and family oriented entertainment.
    ​​Today, there are more than 90 Open Streets events in the United States and Canada and we’re excited to introduce Escondido to the concept.

    Sponsored by: Escondido Chamber of Commerce, The County of San Diego


    CicloVia Escondido is a free public event that promotes active living while bringing neighbors together encouraging a healthy community. This event is geared toward promoting “A Healthy City -- Healthy lifestyle” with support from local health and wellness clinics, local yoga studios, bicycle retailers, Dr. Bronners, local artists, businesses and more!

    This event has been made possible by the County of San Diego and Escondido Chamber of Commerce.

    WHERE is CicloVia Escondido:
    Grand Avenue between Escondido Boulevard and Juniper Street. A closed loop​

    WHEN: Saturday,April 11, 2015 10:00AM-3:00PM

    Show your support for local businesses and active living.
    Teach your child how to bicycle
    Do yoga
    Learn about health and wellness
    Shop local retailers
    Walk leisurely without car traffic
    A CicloVia is a low-cost high-impact event that gets people talking about healthy lifestyles and opportunities to support local businesses

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    anyone driving up to the LA valley next weekend for the next LA CicLAvia ? i'll be passing this time. Excited to see how the other 2015 ones look ...
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    It was great to visit the Valley today. Started really early before the crowds. There were about 100 LAPDs that geared up with their bikes before the event in North Hollywood Metro Station. They even patrolled on foot along the route. I wonder if they anticipated some sort of retaliation from motordom or maybe scoflaw cyclists. It's nice to see other parts of LA on foot and on a bike.

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    Next CicLAvia:

    CicLAvia Pasadena - Presented by Metro
    Sunday, May 31 at 9:00am - 4pm
    "The most walkable CicLAvia"
    Pasadena, California

    "We've seen a number of comments/questions about the 3.5 mile length of our May 31 Pasadena route. Routes are determined in partnership with local government. We don't have authority to declare which streets will go car-free and we depend upon public agencies to make that final determination. In addition, creating routes with specific minimum/maximum mileage is not part of our mission. This is our mission:
    "CicLAvia catalyzes vibrant public spaces, active transportation and good health through car-free streets. CicLAvia engages with people to positively transform our relationship with our communities and with each other."
    There will be a number of open streets events happening in Los Angeles County each year thanks to funding from Metro Los Angeles with some being CicLAvia events and others being new open streets events. They will vary from just a couple of miles to more than 10 miles. You'll have plenty of options to attend all or some, to bike or walk, to check out stores or to chat to people from all over Los Angeles County. That's the beauty of open streets - you see the possibilities that exist and then make it your own experience."
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    Also the two other CicLAvia events in 2015:

    Culver City - Venice August 9;
    Heart of LA (downtown area) October 18.
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    Long Beach Streets follows CicLAvia in Pasadena.

    When: Saturday June 6, 2015

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    Next CicLAvia:

    CicLAvia Pasadena - Presented by Metro
    Sunday, May 31 at 9:00am - 4pm
    "The most walkable CicLAvia"
    Pasadena, California

    anyone going up to Pasadena this sunday ? I can't make it or the Long Beach one, but getting excited they are happening more frequently !
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    My nephew and his son lived less than 3 miles from Old Town Pasadena. So we started our ride at his house. Our route had so many quiet tree lined streets that we really enjoyed. More photos to follow. We rode the 3.5 miles course and had lunch at Veggie Grill on a corner location on Lake Street. It was the place to be to watch CicLAvians.

    This is just a rad photo I found on FLIKR. Search word is "CicLAvia Pasadena"
    note the dog in the back pack
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    At CicLAvia Pasadena with the family. With the short flat Open Streets there were more families with their children and canine friends.

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    The Long Beach "Beach Streets" event has some good photos and videos rolling in from today's event :
    Although the route along Atlantic Avenue was only 4 miles, I realized that at the end of the event I had ridden 40 miles because there were so many amazing live bands, local stores, and scenery. Then I met up with a friend after the event and rode our bikes to the beach and Lions Light tower in the evening. Just made me want to move up to Long Beach.

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    Next so-cal CicLAvia:

    Sunday, August 9, 2015 9am — 4pm CicLAvia - Culver City Meets Venice Presented by Metro


    CicLAvia - Culver City Meets Venice Presented by Metro

    Culver City and Venice will be the coolest spots of the summer when CicLAvia returns to the Westside for the first time since 2013. CicLAvia – Culver City Meets Venice Presented by Metro takes place from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 9.

    The route will be a six-mile variation of the previous CicLAvia Westside route, allowing participants to explore more of Culver City’s charming neighborhoods, eclectic businesses and delicious restaurants, as well as connect with such Westside treasures as the Mar Vista Farmers Market, Abbot Kinney and Venice Beach.

    The Culver City Meets Venice route is made possible with a grant from Metro Los Angeles.

    New to CicLAvia? Here are four things you need to know for August 9:

    It's FREE!
    It's not a race and you don't need a bike to participate. You can walk or skate to your heart's content.
    There's no beginning or end. You can start anywhere and go as far or as short as you want.
    The flow of participants goes both ways, just like regular traffic.
    Questions or Concerns

    General event information: please contact CicLAvia at 213.355.8500 or
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    Pretty excited for CicLAvia this sunday! should be a fun route back near venice. I did the original Venice route and there were a lot of bottle necks due to only one side of Venice blvd. and a lot of construction. Hopefully it is a lot smoother this time!
    The usual bike-watch and bike-sploration at Ciclavia was awesome. Parking lots became children playgrounds with plenty of bike parking. My son switched between his BMX and riding his long-skateboard.

    Paris Will Stop All Traffic, Literally, For One Day in September

    By Cecilia Rodriguez
    A Luxembourg-based writer covering European affairs.

    Imagine any big city anywhere in the world without traffic just for a day. Now, if that city were Paris, imagine further the photographic possibilities, not to mention the visual, auditory and olfactory potential.

    Imagine no more because on September 27th, that’s just what Paris is going to do: “Une Journée Sans Voiture” – A Day Without Car, for the first time in the city’s history.

    City Hall calls it “a crazy gamble, but achievable.” No motorized vehicle, with a few exceptions like ambulances, will be allowed to drive the streets. As Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced in March: “Paris will be completely transformed for a day. This is an opportunity for Parisians and tourists to enjoy the city without noise, pollution and therefore without stress.”
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    Next CicLAvia is coming up! Sunday 10/18/2015:

    they have been doing a fun 'countdown' discussing the history of the past years' events on
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    Usually, October CicLAvias are very hot in past years. This year it drizzled in the morning and stayed mostly overcast the rest of the day. There were less people which meant more enjoyable roads without the very big crowd. I usually go to Chinatown first thing in the morning to get some pastries and watch people ride their bikes. There were many more folding bikes. I saw several cargo bikes and recumbents too. There is always something to discover at CicLAvia

    Bumped into some friends from Long Beach.

    Pedal Powered Band is my favorite.

    Here I am in the afternoon munching on the last pastry from Chinatown
    Experience vibrant streets this weekend in Long Beach,CA. It is an Open Streets event for all ages and wages. Come out and explore.

    CicLAvia - South East Cities this Sunday May 15. 10 miles of car free streets.
    (Yes. It is the same day as Stage 1 of ToC.)

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    I saw Nicole Burgess and her friend Anne on Tweedy. They arrived via Amtrak then took the LA River Trail down to CicLAvia then to Long Beach for their overnight stay. Watts Towers was an amazing sight to see. Fast and the Furious speedy drivers in South East LA were kept at bay by LAPD and local police out in force in every block of the ten mile route. Plenty of road kill (mainly cats) were still on the road surface. Dogs of all sizes freely roam the neighborhoods. It was overcast all day which really kept everything cooler and less muggy in the area. Trike cargo bikes were very abundant in this area.

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    great photos! i was wondering how the overall turnout for the 'bad part of town' would be vs the normal CicLAvias ... glad it was overcast and a fun ride!
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    Cool write-up of sunday's event:


    Sunday, August 14, 2016 9am — 4pm CicLAvia - Iconic Wilshire Boulevard
    Coast, Santa Monica's Open Streets Event - Sunday, June 5

    Open Streets Map Residents and visitors are invited to enjoy approximately 2 miles of car-free streets around the Downtown Santa Monica Expo Station on Sunday, June 5 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Coast, Santa Monica's Open Streets Event presented by Metro encourages Santa Monicans to walk or bike to this event where they'll have a chance to discover local arts and culture, learn about sustainability, and explore new mobility options. The event commemorates the beginning of Expo, and gives Santa Monicans an opportunity to experience our multi-modal city with rail, bus, bike share and car share (Zipcar will become available this spring). Pedestrian and bicycle access will be provided along Main Street from Marine to Colorado, Colorado from Ocean Avenue to 5th Street, and along Ocean Avenue from Colorado to Wilshire. Local businesses, organizations, community groups, and City departments will be actively involved in this citywide event, including producing interactive, engaging activity hubs along the route. This event is being held in lieu of the Santa Monica Festival for 2016. Metro awarded the City a $200,000 open streets grant which partially funds the event.
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    Here's a map of the June 5th Santa Monica "Coast" festival:


    In local news, it looks like the June 2016 San Diego County Bicycle Coalition "CicloSDias" event will not be happening for whatever reason. I had heard they got a grant to make it happen but i've gotten no response from Andy @ SDCBC or anyone else.

    Unfortunately the last one (November 2014 in hillcrest) didn't have the 'turnout' that they had hoped so SD still languishes without this event while LA moves to their goal of 'Once in the LA County area per month' successfully!
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    Photos from yesterday's "COAST"< Santa Monica's Open Street Event yesterday, June 5, 2016
    Santa Monica Open Streets was only 2 miles long but there were so much to do and people to talk to. The Farmers Market free bike valet is an amazing site to see. More photos on my Velograteful page

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    Next up is San Gabriel Valley Open Streets presented by Metro this Sunday June 11
    It was amazing. I have never been to El Monte. The Emerald Necklace Park Network is worth the trip. I went there really early before the big crowd. The Whittier Narrows Recreation Center and the rest of the park is worth the trip

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    Sunday, August 14, 2016 9am — 4pm CicLAvia - Iconic Wilshire Boulevard ... coming up! hope to get up to LA for it, but not sure if I can with the baby...
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    Met some amazing people last Sunday. The route was even short enough to walk. Some chose to just sit in the shade and watch cicLAvians flow by. On weekdays Wilshire is saturated with motor vehicle exhaust fumes and very noisy. To experience a car free Wilshire blvd is really amazing.

    I offered Swee Ool, the grandma longboarder, a safe tow while she offered the umbrella for some shade. She is a retired grandma at 62 years of age and learned to skate at 60 years old.

    More pics to come

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    Next One:

    "Heart of LA"
    October 16, 2016

    Looks like in October 2015 and this year they got rid of the south-spur to the theater district. that's too bad, that was a lot of fun in October 2014. Lots of new people seeing that area for the first time.