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    • CommentAuthorShady John
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2018
    Dramatic Milano-San Remo finish today. Last 14 km of the race here:

    • CommentAuthorgottobike
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2018
    Monster 'cross

    We want to include everyone, yet don’t want pro teams with sponsor obligations, and only 33mm cotton tubulars to feel disadvantaged.
    • CommentAuthorShady John
    • CommentTimeApr 2nd 2018 edited
    Monster Cross was called "drop bar mountain bike" back in 1991:

    John Tomac won cross country MTB races on drop bars around that time:

    1988 Specialized Rock Combo:

    • CommentAuthorgottobike
    • CommentTimeApr 4th 2018
    Paris-Roubaix 2018 Live Dashboard (Sun Apr 8 11:10 CET (2:10:00 AM PDT)
    Route Map | Profile | Preview | News | Startlist | Live Coverage | TV | 2017
    • CommentAuthort.e.d
    • CommentTimeApr 5th 2018
    Does anyone know of any local bars that will be showing Paris-Roubaix?
    • CommentAuthorgottobike
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2018 edited
    Giro d’Italia starts May 4 with the first 3 stages in Israel
    Jerusalem ITT, Haifa to Tel Aviv, Be’er Sheva to Eilat

    Download the official APP of Giro d’Italia. All last breaking news, race results, standings, interviews, team details and information about all great champions that will inflame the next edition of the Giro. With the LIVE section, you won’t loose a single second of all the 21 stages in program.

    Steep Hill TV - Giro d'Italia 2018 Live Dashboard
    Race Info, Preview, Live Video, Results, Photos and Highlights

    (Giro d’Italia Stage 2 - May 5 - conflicts with Mt. Sol "Hippy Crit". See Upcoming Local Events on this board for more info.)
    • CommentAuthorShady John
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2018
    Google Maps does not give a "cycling" option for traveling from Israel to Italy. However, an overland route seems to be available--through Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and then into Italy in the northeast near Trieste. If you allow taking a ferry, then you could go from Turkey into Greece and catch the ferry around Corfu, landing at Brindisi, Italy. The alternate ferry route would head west through Egypt and Libya into Tunisia, where you'd catch a ferry from Tunis to Sicily. Might want a fat bike for that route. The TV coverage of any of these routes would likely be far more interesting than the actual Giro that we will watch.
    • CommentAuthorShady John
    • CommentTimeApr 30th 2018
    It's 150 miles from the port in Tunis to the port in Sicily. This is less than the overwater distance from Cleveland to Buffalo on Lake Erie.
    • CommentAuthorgottobike
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2018
    AMGEN Tour of Cali - Mens (MAY 13 - 19, 2018)
    Starts in Long Beach this Sunday! See WATCH/ATTEND for TV Coverage, APP, Tour Tracker, etc.
    • CommentAuthorgottobike
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2018
    AMGEN Tour of Cali - Womens (MAY 17 - 19, 2018)
    Starts in Elk Grove this Thursday! See WATCH/ATTEND for TV Coverage, APP, Tour Tracker, etc.
    • CommentAuthorgottobike
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2018 edited
    Dana Point GP 35+ 2018

    Rahsaan Bahati

    Great perspective from behind the handlebars. Maybe this would be called First Person Cyclist?
    • CommentAuthorShady John
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2018
    What a Giro! As some have commented, the Giro has become a more interesting and more exciting race than the Tour de France in recent years.
    • CommentAuthort.e.d
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2018

    1985 Coors Classic - Reno Road Race w/ Greg Lemond & Andy Hampsten

    1986 Coors Classic