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    • CommentAuthorSam
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2015
    50ish mile ride from City Heights to Solana Beach. Met up with crash on Mission Bay Drive. Pitstop at Pizza Port and ride back to Old Town. Took the bus home from Old Town as I felt lazy. Did the whole thing with a broken dérailleur held together with a little strap thanks to crash (it doesn't shift on the big rings). Perfect day for a ride and it was also a perfect ride.

    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2016
    Finally got a proper ride in yesterday after nearly two months off due to a work trip to Riverside and a back-to-back bout with the flu. :o) The morning started with an easy roll thru South Park down to Chula Vista to meet up with a very patient pal at Chula Vista Marina. I was pretty happy to see that the drag strip stretch of Bayshore Bikeway between H and J Sts in Chula Vista had re-opened after a whole year of closure. There is now even a fresh new raised (curb level) cycletrack connecting the H St end of it to Bay Blvd.

    I'm afraid north of that spot the bikeway hasn't been improved on, tho. Still no signage where Bayshore Bikeway and Sweetwater Bikeway join at the Sweetwater River outlet (you know, that low-visibility T-intersection that BMXer's are practicing their jumps on... If you aren't used to riding thru there, you don't even see the intersection until you're there). And I wish they'd do a separate bike traffic light at the intersection of Bay Blvd and E St where it goes into the preserve parking lot (where the cycletrak runs parallel to the I-5 offramp)... and put in a bike lane to merge onto Bay Blvd heading south. There is enough room between there and the railroad track, I think. It's a bottleneck there for a few car lengths at the intersection, then it's ok further south.

    IMG_6582 IMG_6586
    There are loads of newer and more visible bikeway signs further south, tho. I like those. :o) Anyhow, my pal and I headed east on Main St instead of west onto the protected cycletrack south of the salt farm. It was riding-with-moderately-hostile traffic country until we got east of the 805 (not really bad if you have a helmet mirror and use it to slot yourself in with traffic, tho. Have to be quite judicious with the taking-the-lane traffic, 'cause the psycho drivers down there seem to enjoy close passing you if you're taking the lane for longer than a few bus lengths. :oP ). Once Main St turns into Heritage Rd traffic became quite light and the view more scenic.

    IMG_6597 IMG_6603

    We went up the little climb on Avenida de la Vista just past formerly Cricket Amphitheater (it's called Sleep Train Amphitheater now. I swear, it has a different name every time I pass thru that area!). That nice little hilltop housing complex is a dead end thing unless you're on bicycle or on foot. ;o) We took the little paved trail down to the back of the amphitheater (a steep little bugger. Probably around 14-16% grader at the steepest section) and then west past the back side of Aquatica water park and popped up at the end loop of Dennery Rd.
    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2016
    A bit more climbing to get back to Palm Ave, which I was sort of dreading a bit, but Palm Ave turned out much more bike-friendly than it used to be. There's a good bike lane on most of it now, and the right turn lane are 'no turn on red' at many intersections... Of course, it gets a bit less friendly approaching I-805, but traffic was relatively light and I spotted the layout early and we had no trouble crossing the two rightmost lanes that turn into freeway on-ramp. I wasn't so keen on taking Palm Ave across I-5, tho, so we turned north on Hollister Rd and then decided to investigate the hiking path at Otay Valley Park just after the river bridge to see if it was road-bike-able. :o)

    IMG_6612 IMG_6614 IMG_6618
    That area is pretty low, so I was delighted to find the path completely dry and firm enough for road tires all the way under I-5 and back to the pavement at the SE corner of Bayshore Bikeway. :oD There is even a nice pond with a wooden lookout platform to stop over en route. The path starts off as firm dirt road with quite a bit of pebbles sticking out (they are embedded rather than loose). The lowest section going over a little wood bridge and under the freeway is firm and pretty fine gravel, then it's firm dirt riding all the way back to civilization.

    I have a feeling the path might not be passable during and immediately after heavy rain, but it was way drier than I thought it would be less than a week after that first wave of the El Nino downpour. :o)

    Said good bye to my pal at the marina, then I headed inland to visit an old roommate in Rancho Del Rey before riding home. One of these days we've gotta organize a path-sweeping party along the Sweetwater Bikeway and Bayshore Bikeway, I think. :o)
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2016
    A couple of days ago I was riding south through Cardiff on the low flat part approaching Solana Beach when some idiot in a giant Tonka toy tried to roll coal on me. The wind was strong though and it blew the soot out of my way instantly. I couldn't even smell it.
    • CommentTimeSep 17th 2016
    I rode the NCR Trail in Maryland today (out on a business trip for almost two weeks).

    The trail is crushed limestone and was not an issue for my Brompton (Marathon tires)

    Decent views too.