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    • CommentAuthorthom
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2010
    Hi all, I've been contacted by a friend of the woman killed recently in Carlsbad (see the In the News thread, too):

    She wants to know about putting up a ghost bike memorial for her friend. I don't know how Carlsbad has treated ghost bikes in the past (i.e. do they take them down?), and I don't have any contacts up there, so if you can help either with info, or a bike, and labor to install the memorial, reply or whisper me on this thread.
    Went to Mars for a bit but I'm back now and I brought T-shirts for everybody!!! Did ya miss me?

    So hey, piggybacking on this as the only search result for Ghost Bike.

    After reaching out to me; a friend and I am looking to start an independent San Diego Ghost Bike Memorial Program separate from any club or organization. We will place and maintain ghost bikes at the scene of every fatality until the powers that be with jurisdiction fix the problem that caused the fatality. We will maintain them and keep them looking nice. If they are removed then we'll put another right back up. We'll do this to create awareness of the necessity for better roads and driver/cyclist road culture with a goal of NO NEW GHOST BIKES. If appropriate corrective measures are taken to improve a given section of road then we will remove the Ghost Bike.

    We need to start with a database. Please post a list of all the locations with a bicycling fatality that:

    1) Already has a Ghost Bike
    2) Resulted in a fatality but there is no Ghost Bike or the memorial has been removed.

    If you'd like to volunteer and help us out please let me know. If you're a bike shop and have useless frames lying around please let me know.
    • CommentAuthorHMeins
    • CommentTimeOct 18th 2013 edited
    Kearny Villa Rd. southbound just before the deadly high speed merge to southbound SR163. There are two memorials within 200 meters for Larry Mahr (+May 2001) and USMC Captain Patrick Klokow (+August 2005). Ghost bikes once existed in both locations but have subsequently disappeared. This would be a high profile location for new ghost bikes where indifferent drivers might catch a glimpse of them every time they pass.

    I have two useless frames to donate. One is just a bare MTB frame, the other is a complete department store MTB missing a front wheel. Pick them up from me at the track any Saturday morning between 9 and 11. I'll also have them available for pickup at the velodrome swap meet on November 10. Look for the silver RAV4 with Norwegian flag on the windshield. I'll be in my usual location on the south side of the warm up circle mixing Bloody Marys.
    Great thanks!! How about we connect at Swap Meet to pick them up? My Saturdays are kind of full before then.