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    Old Knotty Buoy:

    Ocean Beach Bikeway will remain closed through the end of April for bridge construction. Use caution and follow signs to detour route via Pacific Highway & Taylor St.

    I got through without too much trouble on Sunday morning April 1--somebody (homeless?) opened up the fences, and it's a pretty easy hike-a-bike over some dirt. Not advocating, just reporting. Also, not sure what you would encounter on a weekday, however.

    Squeaky Wheels Get the Grease! Traffic complaints force City to assess La Jolla's Torrey Pines Road construction

    Ashley Mackin-Solomon April 11, 2018
    In response to the “increase in inquiries” from commuters concerned about the construction project along Torrey Pines Road that is causing unacceptable traffic congestion, the City is looking to modify its schedule and calling on traffic engineers to assess the situation.

    The construction began in March and is expected to take six months. The work spans Torrey Pines Road between Prospect Place and La Jolla Shores Drive, and includes the installation of sidewalks and a pedestrian crossing system, creating buffered bike lanes, and stabilizing the hill on the east side between Roseland Drive and Little Street.
    (See posting above from March 15th, 2018)

    Encinitas considers borrowing money to complete Leucadia Streetscape
    Aaron Burgin April 12, 2018
    ENCINITAS — City officials want to complete a long-awaited overhaul of Coast Highway 101 in one phase, and are considering borrowing $30 million to do it. The City Council voiced its unanimous support for the plan at a March 28 strategic planning session. The project will dramatically transform the stretch of 101 into a bicycle-, pedestrian- and transit-friendly enclave complete with six roundabout intersections.
    Streetscape plans call for six roundabouts between A Street and La Costa Avenue, bike lanes, pedestrian paths and crosswalks, bus facilities, on- and off-street parking and the planting of more than 1,000 trees to restore the street’s famed tree canopy. The City Council voted earlier in March to approve the project’s permits and environmental impact reports, but Mark Muir voted against the plans, which he said wouldn’t address vehicle traffic concerns along the stretch of road.
    ...the entire council, including Muir, voiced support for financing the project in one phase. Previously, the city has considered breaking up the project, known as the Leucadia Streetscape, into three phases. Currently, the city has $10 million set aside for the first phase of the $29.96 million project. But the council at the nearly five-hour planning session said that borrowing to do it now would allow the city to take advantage of historically low interest rates and would allow for the project to be completed in a much shorter time frame.
    (See posting above March 29th, 2018)

    Roundabouts removed from Monday’s planning agenda
    April 06, 2018
    Valley Center Planning Group Monday WILL NOT vote on roundabouts, an item that had been scheduled for that meeting after being postponed from the March meeting. Planning Chairman Oliver Smith said that time will be alloted for the public attending the meeting to have their say about the issue. Roundabouts will be taken up at a future meeting. No explanation was given for why the item has been rescheduled.

    The Valley Center Community Planning Group meeting will take place Monday, 7 p.m. at Valley Center Community Hall. The public is invited to attend.

    Arguments for roundabouts on Valley Center Road
    Jon Vick March 29, 2018
    The current plan for VC Road is to add five more traffic lights between Woods Valley and Cole Grade Roads. This will result in eight traffic lights within this 2.6 mile distance. With the planned growth of the commercial districts of VC’s South and North Villages and over a 50% increase in our population from 20,000 to 33,000 (at build-out), this will result in stop-and-go traffic, an increased number of injury accidents, and grid-lock during rush hours. To alleviate this situation and to keep traffic moving, roundabouts are proposed for VC Road at Mirar de Valle and Miller Roads, plus two more in the North Village.

    Here’s hoping for a highway through our Villages that serves our community in the most efficient, safest way, and that keeps the traffic moving. Traffic will move though our Villages faster with roundabouts than with 5 more traffic lights. It will take less time to travel through our Villages if we drive slower but don’t have stop-and-go traffic, with far fewer injury accidents. Adding these roundabouts is not a perfect solution as we will still have some traffic signals but it will be an improvement over what is planned.
    There is more in the above article.

    Meeting to give close look at roundabouts coming June 28, 2017
    David Ross May 24, 2017

    More information from the Valley Road Runner
    Search Results: Roundabouts


    Work is progressing on the $15.5 million traffic circle at the intersection of SR-76 and Valley Center Road. The project is in response to decades of serious and fatal accidents at or near the location. (John Gibbins / San Diego Union-Tribune)

    Highway 76 roundabout taking shape
    J. Harry Jones April 10, 2018
    Construction of a rare, large roundabout at the intersection of state Route 76 and Valley Center Road is on schedule to be completed by mid-summer. The estimated $15.5 million project is designed to significantly slow traffic at the intersection, which for decades has been controlled by only a single stop sign at Valley Center Road. The intersection is known as the "stage coach stop" and it has been the site of numerous fatal and other accidents over the decades.
    Though smaller versions of roundabouts are common is some urban neighborhoods, few exist on state-controlled highways, officials said. Traffic along state Route 76 has been increasing for years, fueled in part by motorists heading to or from North County casino and resorts. The project was first proposed almost a decade ago when a study showed there were 35 accidents at or near the site between 2005 and 2009, four times higher than the statewide average for similar intersections. The project includes the realignment of the highway and ample warning signage will alert drivers coming from all three directions what it is they are about to encounter, officials said.

    Google Street View: Intersection
    Old Satellite View: Intersection
    Caltrans flyer: Link
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