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    I thought this could be a good place for members to post any shows or concerts their going to in the Greater SD area. I don't think there's another thread on this, So I'm starting one.
    This coming Saturday I will be at the Epicentre to see Nekromantix and The Brains, both great psychobilly bands. Is anyone else going? tickets are $15
    If your going to any other shows or performances(not just limited to music, can be plays or circuses or whatever else.) feel free to post them here.


    The Brains:
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2011
    Reverend Horton Heat and Nashville Pussy. Saturday Sept. 17th. 4th & B.

    I'm riding the Psychobilly Hellcruiser, for those that may also be in attendance.

    • CommentAuthorHMeins
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2011
    Adams Avenue Street Fair Sept. 24-25.

    Saturday, Sept. 24:

    Hawley Blvd. at Adams Avenue
    Noon - The Bedbreakers - Guitarist Tim Pinnell rides bikes.
    1:30 - The Amandas - Blue eyed R&B. Singer Amanda is a female Ron Silva.

    33rd St. at Adams Avenue
    2:00 - The Loons - Singer Mike Stax came from England to play bass with The Crawdaddys and The Tell-Tale Hearts. Probably the best band of this year's Street Fair.

    4:00 c.t. Kansas St. at Adams Avenue - 13th edition of Street Fair Party at My House, featuring cocktails on the lawn in the shade of the jacaranda and spinning of wax from my extensive discography.

    Hawley Blvd. at Adams Avenue
    7:00 - The Cedric Burnside Project

    Then I have to hit the sack early - have to be on Fiesta Island at 6 am Sunday - Jolie is Chief Referee and I'm Starter at the Cyclo-Vets Time Trial.

    Sunday Sept. 25:

    33rd St. at Adams Avenue
    2:45 - The Creepy Creeps - Manic surf/garage band with go-go girls were a hit at the Street Fair two years ago.

    34th St. at Adams Avenue
    4:30 - The Farmers - The legendary Beat Farmers minus the late Country Dick Montana (Dan McClain) and Buddy Blue (Bernie Seigal). Guitarist Jerry Rainey played on Norman Greenbaum's hit single "Spirit In the Sky." Drummer Joel Kmak has played in San Diego bands for more than 30 years.

    6:00 c.t. - Continuation of 13th edition of Street Fair Party at My House.
    • CommentAuthorHMeins
    • CommentTimeSep 26th 2011
    Took the day off today (Monday) to recover from "Another Lost Weekend." Two favorite acts from this year's Adams Avenue Street Fair:

    The Loons delivered a blistering set on Saturday -



    the loons

    On Sunday The Creepy Creeps appeared with new costumes and had the entire crowd dancing -

    creepy creeps
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    Bummed I missed Dengue Fever at Adams, but the Tree Ring at Suzie's Farm Autumn Equinox was well worth it (with better food and drink, plus a sunflower maze...)