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    In honor of Halloween awareness month, let's celebrate with a ride and uh... beer! Yeah!

    Personally, I think we should dress up (I know I will), but I'll leave that up to you! This'll be a chillaxed (yeah, I used that word. What.) and fun ride (1 hour) from Balboa Park to University Heights to North Park's newest addition to the beer bar family, The Foundry. Pace will be mild to moderate (12-15 mph), no rider gets left behind. For those of you who went on the Pee Wee ride, that's roughly the pace.

    Our gracious host will be serving flights of craft beers at a special Velo Vixens rate (oh yeah, we gots the hook-up). And if you're hungry, they have a hearty selection nom-noms for you to choose from. So, ladies, let's get our ride on. Holla!! Guys, you can come, too. We are an Equal Opportunity Bike Group :)

    The Deets:

    *Meet at Balboa Park Fountain (by Reuben H. Fleet center) at 6 PM

    *Ride for about an hour

    *End at The Foundry in North Park

    *Make merry whilst enjoying tasty flights of beers
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    Please post events on the "Local Events" thread. I re-posted your event in the "Local Events."

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