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    Occupy San Diego Riders will have a bike ride each Tuesday at 8:30 PM. Meet at the Civic Center, 3rd and B Street, downtown San Diego. Also will have occasional rides on other days for a purpose.

    Hope to see you and your friends there.
    Don't forget your bike lights. And a helmet if you have one.
    Also any extra lights, reflectors, reflecting tape, occupy spoke cards, occupy flags, or anything for visibility and the Occupy cause.

    Facebook Link :
    Bike ride to La Posada sin Fronteras

    We will start gathering at 11a at the civic center and we'll be heading out at 12pm to friendship park where La Posada sin fronteras will be happening where the border meets the beach. This event is a symbolic unity between both nations through the border.

    There will be traditional music, food and lots of awesomeness.

    If you want to join but can't at the time we leave here is the route we will be taking feel free to join us:
      CommentAuthorVelo Cult
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2011
    I'd be there with you if I could ride a bike. Maybe in a few weeks. Need the OK from the docs still.
    This is OSDRs first Mall Raid. Make sure to Bring Anti Consumerism or Pro small business oriented signs, be as creative as you like. This will Be our fourth raid lets keep up the momentum and pressure as we work to establish Occupy presence in San Diego. Raids are super fun and we literally reach out to hundreds of people on each one. See y'all on friday!!!!
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    Is it alright for me to stir the pot here? I would like Occupy Rider(anonymous poster) to define their "cause" and know how raiding a mall could be construed as productive in achieving their goal. I see actions like this as counterproductive, and hurting the bicycling community. More importantly, the bicycle commuter who is trying to have bicycles accepted as a viable mode of transportation, and earning the respect of those not riding and/or riding strictly for leisure.
    • CommentAuthorModerator
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    We are all about inspiring people to ride bikes but this forum does not take part civil disobedience nor do we promote it.