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    • CommentAuthorPetteri
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2017
    The Strava app for Android has always been notorious for recording erratic, and usually excessive, elevation numbers: Riders who are serious about their climbing stats use dedicated GPS units with barometric elevation sensors (e.g., most of Garmin's "Edge" models).

    I believe with the phone apps (and GPS units without elevation sensors) Strava uses map data to determine the elevation rather than GPS. It's been very consistent for quite a while, but suddenly jumped up, which makes me wonder what's going on... Same results on a run tracked with a Garmin Forerunner watch without a proper altimeter - this week I'm suddenly seeing much higher elevation numbers than I did before.

    I don't go looking for hills - I just climb them when they get on my way - so I don't especially care about elevation stats. I just don't like having inconsistent data.

    And yes, I've seen bad behavior with pausing/stopping rides on Android too recently.
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2017
    • CommentAuthorShady John
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2018
    U.S. soldiers are revealing sensitive and dangerous information by jogging
    • CommentTimeMar 7th 2018
    Shady John:U.S. soldiers are revealing sensitive and dangerous information by jogging

    As are the Chinese:

    Pretty faint but data from the Strava exercise app shows like China has deployed joggers to its disputed Woody Island in the South China Sea, in addition to fighter jets and HQ-9 SAMs

    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2018
    Strava Users:

    Yesterday's update (41.0.0) to the iOS Strava app has broken the RESUME ride feature.

    Avoid this update.