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    • CommentAuthorPetteri
    • CommentTimeJun 4th 2017
    The Strava app for Android has always been notorious for recording erratic, and usually excessive, elevation numbers: Riders who are serious about their climbing stats use dedicated GPS units with barometric elevation sensors (e.g., most of Garmin's "Edge" models).

    I believe with the phone apps (and GPS units without elevation sensors) Strava uses map data to determine the elevation rather than GPS. It's been very consistent for quite a while, but suddenly jumped up, which makes me wonder what's going on... Same results on a run tracked with a Garmin Forerunner watch without a proper altimeter - this week I'm suddenly seeing much higher elevation numbers than I did before.

    I don't go looking for hills - I just climb them when they get on my way - so I don't especially care about elevation stats. I just don't like having inconsistent data.

    And yes, I've seen bad behavior with pausing/stopping rides on Android too recently.