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    • CommentAuthorX-Crement
    • CommentTimeJun 20th 2012
    I'm starting to get tired of being chased by the security in Qualcomm during my commute at 2am. I know this is a designated corridor, but about once a week I am having to outrun them or I am blocked by temporary fences which I have to "negotiate". To tell the truth, it adds a little entertainment to an otherwise boring ride, but today I met someone who was having the same problems and I figured I would try and fix the problem before the security there intimidates someone out of riding.

    Anyone know where I can find municipal code I can show to the security managers if they ever do manage to stop me?
    • CommentAuthorHMeins
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2012
    I recommend contacting city bicycle coordinator Tom Landre. You can contact Lorie Zapf at District 6 as well, but you will likely be stonewalled. This whole area is in need of repair and reconfiguration. It's too much for the city to handle, so they will continue to ignore it.
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2012
    weird... i have been through there maybe as late as 1am & never see another soul on there. what are the guards barking at you about specifically?
    • CommentAuthoreaton
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2012
    This is the closest I coould find - 2.(c). I got it here:

    Ch. Art. Div.
    15 14 4 2

    San Diego Municipal Code Chapter 15: Planned Districts

    Table 1514-04A
    Sidewalks and Parkways

    Community Plan Street

    Minimum Average Widths
    Majors and Arterials 10 ft. clear corridor sidewalk
    8 ft. landscaped parkway
    3- and 4- lane collectors 8 ft. clear corridor sidewalk
    6 ft. landscaped parkway
    2- land collectors and streets
    of lesser width
    6 ft. clear corridor sidewalk
    5 ft. landscaped parkway

    (d) Exceptions: When safety considerations or existing infrastructure within the
    public right-of-way of a street that is built in conformance with the adopted
    community plan street classification does not allow for the provision of street
    trees adjacent to a curb, trees may be provided adjacent to the sidewalk on the
    site. The required clear corridor width shall be provided in all cases.
    (“Landscaping” added 3-27-2007 by O-19601 N.S.; effective 4-26-2007.)

    §1514.0403 Parking and Circulation System

    (a) Vehicular Use Area

    (1) Surface Parking

    (A) Pedestrian Access - safe, usable pedestrian pathways shall be
    provided through parking areas to building entrances.

    (B) Driveway widths shall be in conformance with Land
    Development Code Section 142.0560(j).

    (2) Structured Parking

    Parking structures shall be in conformance with Land Development
    Code Section 142.0560(k).

    (b) Bicycle Parking Facilities

    Bicycle parking facilities and lockers shall be provided in accordance with
    Land Development Code Sections 142.0525 and 142.0530.

    (c) Public Access Easement
    San Diego Municipal Code Chapter 15: Planned Districts

    A pedestrian public access easement shall be provided through projects that
    are greater than 4 acres in size. These easements should provide links between
    public roads, high activity centers, recreational areas and transit corridors.

    (d) Off-Street Freight Loading Spaces Required

    (1) In order to avoid loss of required off-street parking spaces and ensure
    that traffic flow is not disrupted by freight carrying vehicles blocking
    the public street; off-street loading spaces are required as stated in
    Table 1514-04B.

    (2) Each required off-street loading space shall have a minimum length of
    35 feet, a minimum width of 12 feet, and a vertical clearance of 14
    feet, including entrances and exits. All off-street loading areas shall be
    screened from the public right-of-way or treated with landscape,
    hardscape or structural elements designed to create a visual amenity.

    (3) Requirements for two or more uses on the same site shall be the sum
    of the requirements for each use computed separately. These
    requirements may be reduced when required loading areas can be
    shared among uses.
    • CommentAuthorX-Crement
    • CommentTimeJun 21st 2012 edited
    Thank You Eaton for finding that and posting.
    Table 1514-04A is essentially what I was looking for. That table is specific enough about how much space should be provided. Also a wealth of reading there.

    Its not an everyday thing. Like I said once a week or so. These security guards are trying to protect the property of the vendors who are selling cars and RV's in the parking lot now. Most times they will just shine lights at you and on a few occasions they have tried to stop me (verbally only, only twice did someone get in my way and put up a hand). When they realize I'm just riding through, they just follow me off the property.

    I will have a conversation with the management of the security (not sure what firm it is) and see if they will add it to the Post Orders that there is a bike path and not to obstruct it. Perhaps if it wasn't covered in 2 inches of sand they would know it was there. :-D

    Tom Landre is now in my contacts Wpstoll ty. I doubt I will have to let him or Lorie know until they put up fences blocking the path, and then I will have pictures of the fence. (yeah they put it all the way into the iceplant.)

    Thank you guys for the info, feels right to actually be trying to do something about this now.