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    We still have a few spots left for our Alpine ride this sunday.
    Details and tickets are available on Brown Paper Tickets...
    I need a better alarm clock, yeah I'll blame the alarm for my forgetting to turn it on.
    Really sorry I missed it this morning.
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2012
    Paid for a ticket two weeks ago but kid got sick on Thursday, Mom got sick on Friday, and Dad (me) got sick on Saturday :( Gah... I hope everyone had fun and safely got out there and back!!
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2012
    So far only CCT has posted the ride on Strava.
    I don't know anyone else who "strava-ed" the ride! But it was good fun. About 30 riders, most rode up and back. Jeff M. and the folks from BLAH had a sag wagon, driven by Jeff G., who couldn't ride because of an injury. Made it to Alpine a little after 11:00 am, or so - about 3 hours. So, the pace was conversational. Most everyone made it back to BLAH by 2:15 pm - so about 2.25 hours for the return. The return route was a bit complicated, at least for those not familiar with East County, so the return ride was a bit spread out, at least until we hit the Mission Trails Visitor Center where 2/3 of the riders regrouped. (The exception being a group of rabbits that blasted it back to Normal Heights.) I only heard about 1 flat tire. Otherwise, no crashes, injuries, etc. Great ride. Sorry you weren't able to make it, Chris. We should do another one soon.
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2012
    Looks like a great day.
    That El Cajon Mission Trails return was my least favorite part of last year's. Unless you really like going through the park there is a much simpler and faster way to return through Rancho San Diego and Casa de Oro. Maybe we can do it that way when we plan our ride in the near future (MFutch!) There are also far more scenic ways to get up there. I never go through El Cajon.