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    Urban Bike and Social Club is conspiring to throw a bicycle take on this timeless silly Santa inspired festival of pub hoping and hanging out. Start looking for your Santa Outfit or building one now as they should be super cheap post Halloween. The idea is basically, get dressed up like a bunch of naughty santas, pedal around the uptown and maybe downtown neighborhoods. Stop and some hot spots and have an occasional beverage and mingle with the local native, spread some christmas humor/cheer, and have the best/funniest night of your life! Note to self start looking for my lump of coal now! Still working on it but this could potentially end up with a screening of a funny Christmas movie on the inflato-tron at the Station for a little dinner and a drink. See club site for details
    Still working out the details, TBA Jeremy
    • CommentTimeNov 13th 2012
    Jeremy - I would encourage you to take this ride down (up) Garrison Street in Point Loma. . Pretty much the most decked out street for Christmas decorations. When I say they go all out I mean the go ALL out. No punches are pulled. Highly recommended especially if you are going anywhere near OB for cocktails.