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    • CommentAuthorStephan
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2012
    The City of San Diego made the announcement today. They have selected DecoBike to bring bike sharing to San Diego. Read reports about the announcement here and here. This is just the start of course. There will be no small amount of planning to determine where the stations go, leaving plenty of time for SD Bike Commuter denizens to express themselves on the subject. Have at it.
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2012
    The plan called for 1,800 bicycles and 180 stations
    Wow - that's pretty ambitious.

    1) The program needs to have an online and smartphone app dynamic presence so that users can reliably check availability at stations at all times.

    2) The program needs to be prefunded for all costs, incl. maintentance, for its full expected life span, in order to prevent mid-stream cutbacks due to, for example, budgetary constraints: If such program is not meticulously serviced, it will die.
    • CommentAuthorJayKay
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2012
    I am excited for this. I really hope they can get this done next year. The NYC program seems delayed for ever.

    However, this quote made me laugh from my council member.

    "We are a bicycle Mecca," said Faulconer.
    I think its great SD is getting a bike share program. Looking at the bikes I'm guessing they are kinda similar to beach cruisers. Does anybody know anything about them? Possibility of internally geared hubs or anything like that?
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2012

    Hub Genset. Smart.
    • CommentAuthorStephan
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2012
    A report from the Boston Globe on their system

    Hubway exceeds expectations as it closes for winter
    • CommentAuthorgavilan
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2012
    Can *anyone* rent a bike? Or do you have to be a member?
    When McLovin and I were in Mexico City we were happily surprised about the amount of bike-share stations but we couldn't rent a bike because we weren't members. There was even one booth where you don't rent, you 'borrow' but you have to leave your official mexican voter's ID.
    Interesting stuff!
    • CommentAuthorPetteri
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2012
    gavilan:Can *anyone* rent a bike? Or do you have to be a member?

    In Boston you can. Swipe a credit card, read a hundred pages of contract on a tiny screen (yeah right) and off you go. London is the same, not sure about the other systems. Slow heavy bikes with bad brakes but hey, beats walking!
    • CommentAuthorStephan
    • CommentTimeJan 31st 2014
    • CommentAuthorgottobike
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2014 edited
    Where would I ride on Deco Bike?
    To the San Diego Opera!

    Where do YOU want to ride?
    Their stations are not up yet, but the Deco Bike San Diego website is up and running. Here's their map of all the stations. Here are their prices.
    • CommentAuthorTyler
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2014
    Yep. Super excited that the official Deco bike website for san diego is now live! The first 1500 people that sign up for the 30-minute unlimited annual membership get it for $99. Signups / joining memberships are not open yet, but hopefully sometime in the next month or two. They say launch is 'second half of 2014' which is a continuation of the sliding for months now ... hopefully launches okay!
    also has the deco station by station 'planning' photos with the stations superimposed on the photos. the increase in bikes on the road should really help increase visibility to drivers