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    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2012 edited
    Since my (non xtracycle) riding is mostly done for the year, I'll kick off this new thread.
    Post your mileage, memorable rides etc...

    I haven't finished my tally yet, but I have 9k on Strava and at least another 1 on other sites, so it was a 10k+ year.
    17 century plus rides, 4 of them doubles and 1 over 300.

    Besides completing a 600k brevet on my second try, my faves were collecting elevation for the Rapha Challenge on Soledad and Mt. Laguna, Boulder Creek, and the Midnight Fiesta 100 Mile Time Trial all with a bunch of you, the and flying down to Paseo on Hans' wheel with my Brompton. Oh yeah, and the first annual Rock and Roll Marathon Crash Race with Pana.

    I didn't get to do much riding but putting on the cross race with Matt and the help of many here was another highlight along with joining Sam and the BikeSD board.

    I took most of November and December off and am missing Fox and Hounds, but I look forward to chasing you guys around next year.
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2012
    Nice going, Paul! Hope you're enjoying off time and even more when you get back in the saddle next year. :D

    I'm a newbie, I'm afraid. Went 10 yrs without a bicycle until this past February when I picked up an old steel mtn bike from a pawn shop nearby and started riding around the city on it. I was having a hard time just going up Canon St! Then in May I upgraded to an entry level aluminum road bike and went about exploring the city and the county on it.

    Was very glad to start off on a heavy mountain bike since the hills became much easier once I switched to the lighter road bike, though I still wasn't all that fit. Signed up for my first group ride via meetup... the Cabrillo morning repeats from Moment Cycles (talk about getting in way over my head on the first go! The ride description welcomes beginners, so I figured there'd be other beginners there. Haha.) and was dropped like a ton on lead on Canon. That inspired me to get more fit, tho. Can now ride up Canon at a decent clip, but still not nearly fast enough to hang with that crew (they drop me closer to the Talbot intersection now, rather than way before halfway point like before).

    Worked my way up the area's notable climbs, then got ambitious and signed up for the Giro di San Diego gran fondo just a month before the ride. Since August or so I've been logging about 200 miles/week, though have dropped off a bit in December since I'm a shameless fair-weather rider. :oP (Live in a cramp apartment and don't want to wash the bike more often than once every week or two... it gets sort of messy!) Survived the gran fondo (still the longest single day ride for me so far at 132 miles; 111 on the ride plus 21 miles ride in/out), but not the much shorter (but faster) training group ride the week after when I got taken out in a group crash during a descent from Cabrillo. :P Luckily no major injury, tho I now look a bit like Al Pacino in Scarface.

    Been having a blast exploring the county solo during the week and then joining more leisurely group rides on weekends, tho. Met a bunch of cool new friends on the bike... and found this really cool forum of fellow two-wheelers. 2012 was really a good year for me. :) Very happy to have met you guys and gals here online and hope to see you on the road in 2013! Happy New Year!

    Rapha rising Strava challenge
    A great TNR season
    Golden Gate Triathlon
    Palomar 200k
    Unexpectedly hitting my 5k mile year end goal (I'm pretty sure, anyway)
    I reconnected with the BikeCommuter group after a few years lapse and loving the cycling community and ties I've made.

    I got into track racing at the velodrome and so far loving it. Hope to make it into some TNR races this upcoming season.

    Signed up for my first ever cycling club with GS Adams Avenue Bicycles. I like that their a local shop with a bunch of fun folks and don't have kits slammed with advertisements. But my main reason for choosing GSAAB was the motto: Win the party!

    Broke my first bone EVER when a car left hooked me on Park Blvd, Was out for a miserable several weeks and missed out on the Rapha Rising challenge and lots of other fun events. Okay, that was a lowlight.

    Sort of made up for missing Rapha Rising by doubling up on the Rapha Festive 500.

    I hope to look back on this post at the end of 2013 and see how I live up to some of my resolutions:

    1)After settling into my new house & neighborhood I hope to be much more involved with neighborhood planning associations and the cycling advocacy groups here in SD. And 2) Achieve Super Rando