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    We at the Urban Bike and Social Club are starting up our Craft Keg Hauling bike happy hour events again this Friday. For full details visit the club site at :
    Its that time and year again, time for keg hauling and bike in park happy hours, AKA Club F.A.C.U or Friday Afternoon Club Unlimited, a throw back to my Whittier College Days!. Jest of the event is this. Thirsty mob meets at local bike shop armed with 5 gallons of craft beverage, ice, and enough red cups to get the job done in my bob trailer. If someone is feeling like helping the cause I could really use another cargo or trailer bike to help me haul the stereo or the keg so we can pump some tunes the entire way! From Adams Ave Bikes we will take a 45 or so minute social ride around down through Kensington and North Park and end up at Bird Park just in time to enjoy the sunset over down town and the bays, have some cold beverages, and play some frisbee as the sunset goes down. Perfect way to kick off the weekend and celebrate the end of the work week? I think so and hopefully you and yours feel the same!!! $5 suggested donation for your all you can drink cup (while the suds last) excess proceeds will go to the Urban BS slush fund to pay meetup monthly fees and empower the bike gods to promote more fun events! Come out and support the club and have a great time on this unique Bicycle Happy Hour event! You'll be glad you did! Jeremy Curran 619-885-8188