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    Howdy Ya'll, We here at the Urban Bike and Social Club are conspiring to bring you our second All Clubs/riders bike haul in picnic Sunday May 19th. We had about 60 people show up last year and it was an amazing time. Take a look at some of the details and use the link the Urban Bike and Social Club site for full details :
    Looking to make this an annual tradition. Last years summer kick off bike haul in picnic and social gathered about 60 or so bike enthusiast, good craft keg beer, bbq, dj'd music, and games for an amazing all around event. This year we are looking to do the same or better, so invite a friend or two and lets make it even better. This is an all clubs bicycle haul in summer kick off party, so everyone is invited so long as they like bikes and riding them. Concept is simply, well meet at North Park bikes at 11 am and gather the crew. Once assembled we pedal leisurely through the neighborhoods past Sprouts Market for last minute re-inforcements and grill-ables, and down through Hillcrest and Mission Hills in route to the top of Presidio Park! Its just so also happens this is one of the last public parks you can drink at so stay thirsty my friends. :)))) We will supply the fresh craft beverages for a suggested donation of $5 while supplies last (goes to support future fun Urban BS events!) aka the Urban BS slush fund! You haul or bring your favorite beast or veggie of burdon properly marinated a long with whatever other park days games you would like to work with. We will bring the usually frisbee, football, and bike slalom of death cone setup for ameuter racing action! As always I will bring my dj setup so we can pump great summer reggae, classic hip hop, and rock anthem jams to complete the situation all day! Should be an absolute hoot, so bust out your tire pump, marinate those grill-ables, and gather your crew cause its gonna be great! Looking forward to seeing you there, and if your feeling of service I could probably use 1 or two go to helpers on this one so call me or emailing me! Jeremy 619-885-8188
    • CommentAuthorStephan
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2013
    May 19 is also the first City of San Diego mini CicloSDias in Balboa Park on the Marston loop.