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    One of the things I wanted to do is showcase places, local businesses, and events in our new neighborhood. I have learned a lot about many cool places and finest dining establishments in and around San Diego city through UBS social events. So I wanted to do something similar in Vista. This is the FUN side of bicycle advocacy.

    Located 8 miles from the coast and equally close to beautiful mountains, Vista has a very mild climate ideal for year-round bike riding. We aim to make bicycling fun, accessible, and fun for all ages and abilities. With bike socials and family biking, we support local businesses by riding our bikes to dine, play, and shop. Like us on Facebook.

    Vista features EIGHT micro-breweries within a six mile radius. Oceanside, San Marcos, And Escondido micro-breweries are close enough to ride by bike or Sprinter Light rail (I hope it will be back in service by summer). Stay tuned for our own version of the Brew Cycle Ride!

    There are also at least SIX bicycle manufacturer, designer, and store companies in Vista like Electra Bike Company, CycleArt, RavX designs, and Haro Bikes.

    I have yet to visit the family owned Mexican restaurants and taco shops. As well as sample, hispanic baked goods from the nearby Panaderia.

    Old Town Vista Village, Yellow Deli, Krikorian Theater, Frazier Farms market, hardware store are all in close proximity and is bike-able and walkable.

    Several Parks are also in near proximity from Main street.
    We'll riding to Mother Earth/Urbn this Thursday May 16 for a Pre-Bike To Work Day social.
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    And so it begins. We started with three with a short and scenic ride in some of the scenic neighborhoods in Vista.

    Mother Earth is Bike Friendly! Many restaurants in Vista Village deliver food to Mother Earth. We ordered a pizza from Urbn Pizza located across the street.

    There are so many hidden gems near Vista Village

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    ^------ LOVE that picture =)
    One of the things we want to do is lead a Bike Art ride in Vista. There are so many amazing local artists. Kite Arts and Mobile Arts are scattered around town. We are building a list of the current locations. The arts do rotate and change locations.
    Now that the Sprinter Light Rail is back in service we have the option going to nearby cities and enjoy separated cycling paths

    If you are looking for a different destination. Check out the Vista Strawberry Fest this Sunday. There will be a beer garden, and also, Mother Earth will be open. Ride up the coast or take the Coaster to Oceanside then take the Sprinter to Vista Village.
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    Mother Earth tap house and retail store

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    Prohibition Brewing Company (Grille and Pub).

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    Bike Friendly Vista’s Crafty Saturday Ride - Star Spangled Edition

    There must be about 200 classic bicycle cruisers (mostly Schwinns) at the monthly Cyclone Coaster meetup in Long Beach.
    Remember when the 4th of July meant a town parade, and as a kid that meant you got to ride in it with your bike. You would spend hours cleaning and polishing your bike, so it would look it’s best for the big day. Then the real fun began, decorating it with streamers, ribbon, flags and bunting. Well, we think in celebration of the 4th of July weekend (a long one for some), we will host our first, but definitely not last, “Crafty Saturday”.

    What’s Crafty Saturday you ask? It is a Saturday of enjoying some of the best of Vista (in our opinion… that is). This time it’s the Vista Farmers Market for Crafts and Produce, Mother Earth Brewery for Craft Beer, and Craft Pizza for lunch from URBN. Since it is the 4th of July weekend, we figured it would be a blast to show our colors and decorate our bikes in red, white, and blue just like when we were kids.

    We will meet up at the Vista Farmers Market, ride through Vista Village (so we can show off our creations), take a short loop through the neighborhoods, and end at Mother Earth Brewery for some great beer (rootbeer for the kids), pizza, and scintillating conversation.

    Join us for all the FUN ! If you can’t make the ride, just come out to see our see creations parked on Main Street when we are done around noon.

    When: Saturday July 6
    Where: Vista Farmers Market near the main entrance by the music band and refreshments.
    Time: Meet and greet from 10 to 11 am. Ride leaves at 11am
    Pace: Social, conversational, between 5-10 mph.

    Link to Invite
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    One Day Away!

    Crafty Saturday Ride | Star Spangled Edition

    Great turn out today. The ride was short and sweet.