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    WeHo Bike Share Launches This August
    Julia Wick Jul 15, 2016

    West Hollywood's bike share program will "soft launch" with four initial stations on August 9, almost exactly a month after the City of Los Angeles launched their own Metro bike share program.
    The bicycles will feature light-emitting diode (LED) headlights and taillights, and cargo baskets. To tackle steep climbs to Sunset Strip, the bicycles will feature eight gears. As “Smart Bikes,” all of the technology is located on the bikes, so they can also be locked to any public bike rack, increasing user flexibility and convenience.

    The city of West Hollywood is already pretty bicycle friendly, with existing bike lanes on Santa Monica Boulevard, and planned bike lanes for Fairfax Avenue, Third Street, La Brea Avenue and Sunset Boulevard to come. There are also ample u-shaped racks for bicycle parking up and down Santa Monica Boulevard.


    Mayor Gregor Robertson on a shared bike as The City and Vancouver Bike Share launches the first phase of the public bike share program. NICK PROCAYLO / PNG

    Vancouver's new bike share program proves 'wheelie' popular
    Matt Robinson August 5, 2016
    B.C.’s first public bike share program is just two weeks into its soft launch and already has drawn a heftier ridership than many expected — including those running the system.

    Mia Kohout is the general manager of Vancouver Bike Share, a subsidiary of parent company CycleHop, which received $5 million from the city to run the system for five years. She said she was “totally blown away” by the number of members who have signed on to date.

    Related Editorial: Bike share success depends on execution
    Vancouver Sun Editorial Board July 22, 2016
    Bike shop owners who feared a public sector bike-share program would cut into their tourist bike rental revenue can breathe a sigh of relief. And during the rest of the year, it can be assumed that bike sharing will slip into low gear as many cyclists are fair-weather riders, leaving the retail market to private businesses.

    DecoBike plans to add more beach bike stations
    by DAVE SCHWAB July 22, 2016
    Florida-based DecoBike signed a 10-year contract with the city of San Diego and spent $8 million setting up bike share infrastructure citywide. After more than a year of delays, DecoBike opened its first rental stations in January 2015.

    During its first year of operations, DecoBike sold 102,641 rides and 697 memberships in San Diego, according to its annual report. Rides ranged from $5 for 30 minutes to a $125 annual membership.

    By comparison, the bike share program Citi Bike in New York City sold almost 4 million rides and more than 85,000 memberships in the first three months after it opened in 2013.

    .... Asked about rumors that DecoBike might be asking the city for a “bailout,” Pederson replied, “We have never asked for any such payment, nor do we intend to. Our agreement with the city is that we will privately fund the bike share program and they will allow us to install stations in the public right-of-way. They also allow us to install ad panels and sell ad space to offset the cost of running the system.”

    "We are optimistic about the future of the program and we are looking forward to launching the next phase of installation," said Pederson.

    San Diego does not pay for the bike share program, but instead allows DecoBike to set up rental kiosks on city property. The city gets $25,000 from the company in the first year, and then either a portion of the company’s sales or an annual payment of up to $175,000 – whichever is higher – for 10 years.
    Hot orange wheels: contemporaryrekindling of China’s cycling past
    By Anna Lu | August 15, 2016
    This summer, Mobike, a bicycle-sharing program, is sweeping Shanghai, with its iconic hot orange wheel hubs seen everywhere in the city.

    The modest cost of 1 yuan (15 US cents)per half-hour rental and the ability to leave the bikes in many public areas made the program an immediate success, especially among young people.

    “The Mobike is built on the simple concept of giving every urban dweller the option to make a short journey at an affordable price and with more convenience,” the company said of its service. “To that end, we chose bicycles, which make travel more eco-friendly and help reduce the number of cars on the roads.”

    China, the world’s largest auto market, used to be a country of cyclists. For an ever-growing, congested metropolis like Shanghai, ditching four wheels for two seems like a natural choice of pragmatism over materialism.
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    Rivers of tears from the local bike rental shops in PB, who still can't seem to grasp the concept the service they provide is entirely different from bike share. Again they have absolutely zero proof but given the community support against DeciBike in the beach areas, it's an entirely uphill battle. Again these rental shops are just fishing for attention and sympathy.
    Barbara Bry shares her views on City Council run for District 1
    ‘I will hear all views and try to get everyone to reach consensus’
    By La Jolla Light Staff Aug. 24, 2016
    How will you handle issues where the community and City disagree, such as with DecoBike? The community unanimously objected to the kiosks, but the City may still proceed with their installation.

    “When it comes to DecoBike, the community has some valid points. But the reason we want something like DecoBike is we want people to take bikes to reduce air pollution … and I know we have a lot of neighborhood bike shops that rent bikes, so what if there was an app that coordinated all the neighborhood bike shops, so you could rent a bike at one spot and return it at another?

    With neighborhood bike shops, the bikes would be more customized depending on your size, and they can provide helmets, so why don’t we get the bike shops to join together in some way? Technology makes that very easy today, that could make everybody happy.

    There are more ways to answer something than what people might see as the obvious. (In cases where constituents and the city disagree) my approach is to get everyone in the room and around the table, where hopefully, there would be some sort of workable solution. What I know about politics is that it is the art of the possible. Everyone usually makes a concession and every situation will be unique, but the way I operate is to hear every point of view and try and get everyone to come to a consensus.”
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    With neighborhood bike shops, the bikes would be more customized depending on your size, and they can provide helmets, so why don’t we get the bike shops to join together in some way? Technology makes that very easy today, that could make everybody happy.

    Which, if these bike shops would stop crying crocodile tears and focus on marketing and advertising they could push these types of advantages - pricing, human contact, helmets, different bike sizes, etc... This is of course assuming they're competent business people which most likely they are not. They're probably fortunate to have the rotating client base of tourists who are the only people keeping their business and the many crappy service businesses in PB and MB going.

    They won't work with the city of DecoBike though, all they want to do is complain and moan and rile up a crowd who knows nothing about how bike share works or how it's supposed to help our tone down our car-dependent culture. DecoBIke is by no means perfect either but it's what we have.
    Is Cincy RedBike America’s Most Financially Successful Bike-Share System?
    By Randy A. Simes August 29, 2016
    Since launching nearly two years ago, RedBike has been embraced by the region in a way even the bike-share system’s early proponents had not imagined.

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    Did Toronto Bike Share last weekend, decent bikes ... quite affordable:

    Rode a rail trail:

    Also around town:

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    Meh, Outside Magazine.
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    T:Sad to see Seattle's bikeshare is now dead:

    But maybe an electric bike version coming later in 2017 ?

    That's too bad. I have a relative (18 years old) moving there who does not have a drivers license. This would have helped them.