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    Ken Williams December 1st, 2017
    Bike sharing (scroll down to find)

    The Public Facilities/Transportation subcommittee of the NPPC had thoroughly debated proposed locations for bike-share stations in North Park, so the matter was placed on the consent agenda at the Nov. 22 meeting. But board member Megan Kurcharski pulled Part B of the motion for further debate.
    In a related issue, the NPPC voted to support in concept the use of Lime Bike in the city. The Lime Bike is a dockless bike-share program that targets the first and last mile of transportation. Users can use a smartphone app to find and unlock bikes. The program is already in use in Imperial Beach with plans to expand statewide.
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    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2017
    No LimeBike for Coronado yet ... Tuesday 12/5/2017 council meeting kicked it down the road

    They voted to postpone a decision, I'd guess 1 year minimum before revisiting but never know.

    Here's the video link - item 10b -

    UC San Diego Bikeshare Program
    UC San Diego is excited to launch a new, campus bikeshare program with Spin, one of North America’s leading stationless bikeshare companies. The preview begins Dec. 8, 2017 with 50 orange Spin bikes in key campus locations. An additional 250 bicycles will be available on campus during the pilot as of the mid-January kick-off event.

    During the pilot, we will track bike use to determine high-concentration and preferred parking areas to identify which campus areas may benefit most from this service. Campus demand and use patterns will determine fleet and program area expansion opportunities.
    I applaud UCSD for trying, but they need to get everyone on the program. I keep seeing cops ticketing cyclists on campus, probably for minor offenses. I've never seen them ticket a motorist. I wrote to various campus officials about this selective enforcement--not sure it will have any effect but I haven't seen the cop out in the morning in the past few weeks, so maybe. You can't put out a bunch of alternative transportation spin and then nail a bunch of poor kids trying to get to an 8 AM class.
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    I just signed up for UCSD Spin and will give the system a try. In my job I travel across campus a lot and this could be a fantastic opportunity to do so without risking my own bike or having to rely on shuttles or, worse yet, using a car and trying to find parking. I will update here once I have some experience with it.

    DecoBike, LimeBike, Spin pour money into San Diego
    Local lobbyists for sale
    Matt Potter, Dec. 13, 2017
    A battle waged by well-paid lobbyists has broken out at San Diego city hall over whether the city should allow so-called dockless bicycle rental firms to ply their trade on city streets. The city already has a deal with Florida-based DecoBike to occupy streets with self-service bike rental stands bearing garish illuminated billboards, but that approach, the dockless bike providers maintain, is now outmoded. “The two leading companies in the U.S., LimeBike and Spin, launched their services this year and have rapidly expanded in just a few months,” the Union-Tribune reported last week. “They charge $1 for half an hour of use, compared to the $5 per half hour charged by DecoBike.”
    Alvarez told the Union-Tribune last week he had come to be impressed with the new bike rental idea. “Last weekend I saw dockless bikes parked at six different bus stations in National City, which indicated to me people are using those bikes and then jumping on transit. I see this as a very new opportunity that wasn’t on the radar a year ago — or maybe even six months ago. I hope we find a way that this can work in San Diego.”