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    4th Annual Alpine (Up and) Downhill Challenge
    We have done this for the last three Beer Weeks it is TRADITION.

    We will leave BLAH at 8am on our bikes, and ride all the way up, up, up to Alpine Brewing. There we will have one pint, check out the facility, and then ride back down, down, down.

    At the end of the ride, back at BLAH, you will enjoy a Flight of Alpine's beers alongside Alpine Brewmaster and Owner Pat McIlhenny.

    A buffet of pizza and salad, plus a Commemorative T-Shirt included!

    This ride is not about speed. It's about community. (And beer.) So we will ride (mostly) together, making sure not to leave brothers and sisters behind. It is a challenge uphill, as well as downhill. A decent bike is kind of necessary.
    • CommentAuthorPetteri
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2013
    Starting to get strangely tempted by this, even though 8am starts on weekends are against deeply held principles... What's the pace been like previously? I'm not the fastest rider around, but to compensate I ride a heavy bike. :)
    • CommentAuthormfutch
    • CommentTimeNov 8th 2013
    Pace is not high; think social ride over club ride. I've done this a few times and I'll be there again Sunday.