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    "Coffeeneuring is a relaxed, yet rules-based, cycling challenge where bike riders everywhere are invited to ride their bikes to seven cups of coffee (or tea, hot chocolate, etc.) at seven different coffee locales over a period of six or seven weekends."

    Something we might try in SD? Or perhaps modify to Craftbeerneuring?

    More info:
    Interview with originator
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    Must Do This!

    It is by caffeine alone I set my bike in motion. It is by the juice of Java that pedaling acquires speed, the teeth acquire stains, stains become a warning. It is by caffeine alone I set my bike in motion.
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    I do this every other day.. (supporting our discount program) ride to cafe moto or virtuoso, then ride to pannikin... makes just under 40 miles
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    YES!! Would love to do this as alternative to a beer event.

    Coffee & Tea Collective in North Park to start
    Marcella June's in La Mesa
    Broke Girls Coffee in Normal Heights
    Moto or Virtuoso in downtown
    Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in La Jolla
    Caffe Calabria in North Park to finish. Lots of local eateries to grab food and enjoy the public parklet,
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    ^^ Love all of those spots Bruce. Just want to put in the good word for Donny's Cafe in Bonita. Donny was a hot racer in his youth and still races masters and supports an active masters racing team. Donny and his wife serve Cafe Moto and have lots of cool memorabilia on the walls.

    Fourth Annual Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge

    Coffeeneuring season has arrived! Hard to believe that the Coffeeneuring Challenge is now in its fourth year, but I looked at my calendar and it really is true. From 12 participants that first year to over 125 last year, coffeeneuring continues to grow. I hope you will consider giving it a go this year. (See above link for current rules.)

    ~ Mary Gersemalina
    September 17, 2014
    Chasing Mailboxes


    I'm going to use this Coffeeneuring Challenge as a motivator to get out and about this autumn season. I've been off the bike for a while and need to get rolling again. With some short rides during the week, I'll be better prepared to chase down some distant coffee shops come the weekends.

    I'm hoping to add Bike Discount Program members to the mix as a way of patronizing and promoting the businesses that support bicyclist in San Diego.

    I encourage forum members to join the challenge and then record your rides here. It will be fun and interesting to see where and how we all get our coffee. You can ride individually and record your cafe experience. You can ride with friends or meet as a group at a cafe and again, record your experience. Try to support members of the Bike Discount Program if you can by noting them in your write up. Record any new and “must visit” coffee shops if you come across such. Maybe we can add them to the Bike Discount Program.

    When doing your write-up, consider the audience may be unfamiliar with San Diego. You might have to explain the locale how's, whys and wherefores in some detail. The locals get it; let's help our visitors.

    Read the rules and note the following:

    ===== Write-Up Instructions & Submissions =====

    Rule #5) Jot down a summary of your experience that includes:
    1.where you went (address and website, if possible).
    2. the date you went there.
    3. what you drank.
    4. a detail or two about your coffeeneuring ride, including your assessment of the “bike friendliness” of the locale.
    5. total mileage.

    Rule #6 ) Take a photo during your outing, and submit it as verification.

    Rule #13 ) Send submissions to gersemalina “at” They may be in the form of links to blog writeups, screenshots of or links to your coffeeneuring Tweets, on-line photo galleries with accompanying narrative, Word documents with attached or embedded photos, or e-mail writeups and submissions with photos attached. UPDATE! If you complete the challenge as a group, you may provide one submission for all of you, provided you completed all rides together.

    Rule #14) Provide all qualifying rides at the same time. That is, send me all 7 together, NOT ride 1, ride 2, etc.

    Blog it: Let me know if you blog your coffeeneuring, as I will do periodic roundups along the way.

    By having participants record their adventures here, we can submit a link to the thread to Mary and demonstrate to the world the active bicycling community in San Diego and hopefully encourage other locals, visitors and tourist to hop on a bike (bike share or rental) and explore our city.

    Ride well and Cheers!


    Coffeeneuring One
    Congress Cafe & Market in Old Town San Diego
    3941 Mason St, San Diego, CA 92110

    Sunday October 05, 2014 - Peach Banana Smoothie - 9 miles total.

    I got a late start of just around noon and needed to prep the bike after having not ridden it for quite some time. An ABC Quick Check and a bottle of water and I was off to Old Town San Diego.

    I rode around Mission Bay toward Old Town on a very warm and dry early afternoon. A mild Santa Anna wind, blowing in from the deserts east of San Diego, had the temperature in the low 90's and the humidity to the low teens even by the water of Mission Bay. I took my time and stopped to capture images of some new local infrastructure developments; back-in angled parking by the bay. I made the approximate 4.5 miles into Old Town in about an hour or so. Okay for this old buoy on a hot and dry afternoon.

    I was distressed to find how crowded and impacted Old Town was on this Sunday afternoon. The Congress Cafe & Marketplace is on the corner of Mason Street and Congress Street. Congress Street is the main route for bicyclist from the Old Town Transit Center south toward Pacific Highway and downtown San Diego. It was packed with tourist buses and shuttle buses, many with idling motors to keep the air conditioning running. In the image you can see how they barely fit onto Congress Street and the required maneuvering by others to accommodate the oversize vehicles. A low score is given as to “bike friendliness” of the locale.

    Of course a high score is given to the Congress Cafe for their support of bicyclist through their membership in the Bike Discount Program {Congress Cafe offers a 15% discount}, and ample, protected bike parking on the patio by the door.

    It turned out that there was a street Art Fair going on as well as the local pubs/restaurants hosting the San Diego Chargers football fans. Old Town was packed for sure; the parking lots were full and lots of people walking everywhere. That was fun and fine but the slow moving traffic was a hassle. Add the noise of motors running and their exhaust to the dry hot air and it became stifling to say the least.

    I chose to take my beverage on the covered patio fronting Congress Street. It was cooler than in the sun and not very crowded. After having checked all the coffeeneuring-ish type drinks I made an executive decision that a cold Peach-Banana smoothie counted as a coffeeneuring-ish type drink in southern California on a hot, dry Santa Anna day. I'm glad I did because it was cold and very, very good. Amen!

    The service was very friendly and good. My server, Carol, twice refilled my water bottle with ice cold water as well as bringing my smoothie quickly. We chatted a bit and she told me how the street outside was jammed every day with the weekends being the worst. I felt bad for the owners and employees who work hard to provide a terrific service, only to have their large dinning patio impacted by idling tour buses parked right out front and the crowded, congested street traffic discouraging patrons from the cafe.

    I finished up and soon was walking around Old Town checking out the street Art Fair and the local Old Town State Park. I then finished my loop around Mission Bay with a ride along the Ocean Beach Bike Path that parallels the San Diego River. I stopped for a few more pictures and to walk along the docks watching the lobster men load traps on their boats. The lobster season in San Diego is just underway.

    That's the first of the coffeeneuring sequence. It's a good motivator to visit different parts of the city and to visit the many members of the Bike Discount Program. I'm planning the next.

    Ride well and be safe out there.


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    A nice start, OKB!! :oD Now I've gotta make a hit list for the 7 coffee stops around town.
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    I felt bad for the owners and employees who work hard to provide a terrific service, only to have their large dinning patio impacted by idling tour buses parked right out front and the crowded, congested street traffic discouraging patrons from the cafe.

    I wonder if the Old Town businesses could band together to get a bus waiting area off the street. Obviously the buses bring tourists and their spending money, but the ambiance of "Old Town" is diminished by their idling. The city should be able work out some solution within the area that prohibits bus idling and provides a drop-off and holding area.

    Of course, I thought they should have closed San Diego Avenue once they discovered that their were graves under the street alongside El Campo Santo, but, you can't stop cars once you start them apparently.
    Coffeeneuring Two

    Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
    "Cozy atmosphere, free wifi, and great coffee."

    Bird Rock Coffee Roasters
    5627 La Jolla Blvd, San Diego, CA 92037

    Saturday October 11, 2014 - 10 miles total
    Drip Coffee: Nicaragua Finca Los Altos

    The Nicaragua Finca Los Altos drip coffee was some of the best I've ever tasted. Seriously. I prefer a mild blend and not too strong when I'm out riding. In the past, I've had some espresso that was strong and potent, good on the cooler days. On this beautiful southern California autumn day, 72 degrees, mild breeze and tons of sun, the mild roast worked very well. I went back for a second cup and really savored it.

    There is a very full crew working constantly to keep the coffee flowing, tables cleared and cleaned, orders filled. Always friendly, nice and easy going. The patrons also are friendly and easy going as most everybody is familiar with each other in this neighborhood cafe. The vibe is relaxed and friendly. Southern California!

    I saw Chris, a long time employee and avid bicyclist, and chatted a bit. He was very busy making drinks with a line of patrons out the door. Typical for a weekend morning here. Chris is progressing with his coffee bike build, continuing to add bits as they arrive. Can't wait to see it pedaling coffee along the beach and in the parks.


    I started the ride by Crystal Pier to check the waves. Glassy and waist high. Perfect for a long board and there were many out there. The tide was up so it was a beach break in close. Water temp was about 70 degrees and just a zephyr of a breeze.

    Easily over 200 Saturday morning yoga practitioners on the bluffs overlooking the Law Street beach. Sun salutation, downward dog and namaste. Have a great day! It's a good stretch and draws a constantly growing group every Saturday morning.

    For others, it's a morning meditation, quite time away from the streets, and the warm sun on your back.
    Bikes and beaches go together like peas and carrots. ~ Forest Gump


    Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

    Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a nice space that opens up onto La Jolla Boulevard looking west. It's shaded in the morning which keeps it cool and the large roll-up doors allow for nice air circulation and the sounds of the music to drift out onto the surrounding sidewalks. There is plenty of seating on the window benches and outside with small tables and nicely adorned mosaic tiled benches. There are shade trees to protect you from the strong overhead summer sun. It's a good place to mingle and chat up old and new friends as they come and go. Dog friendly, the cafe provides water bowls and shady respites for the critters.

    Bird Rock Coffee is highly regarded and the shop has been recognized with many awards. (Roast Magazine's 2012 Micro Coffee Roaster of the Year.) This cafe/roaster has been around for maybe 7 years or so and is in the process of opening two new facilities, one in Little Italy and the other in the Morena District. I would hope the owners/managers give real consideration to providing robust bicycle parking in their new locations. It's an opportune time to incorporate bike parking into the build-out. Both Little Italy and the Morena District are bike friendly neighborhoods and the addition of business provided facilities will only enhance and encourage more patrons. Good for their business,... good for the neighborhoods.

    The space is split in two with the coffee bar and sales on the north side and the Art Cooperative on the south side. The art work on the walls changes often and a couple times a month, there will be live music in the Art Cooperative. Bob Wade provided the acoustic instruments and a mellow voice. He made the easy listening oldies sound warm and familiar. What a nice way to enjoy a morning coffee and the good folks that come and go. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters takes pride in showcasing the talents of local artists and performers of the local Bird Rock Community.
    Coffeeneuring Two (cont.)

    The sidewalk area is not very large and it is sloped in this old neighborhood. I don't think that would be allowed with modern zoning, and it might be difficult for challenged pedestrians or wheelchairs. There are 2 parking spaces with green curb paint (15 min parking only) for a quick in and out.

    Many serious bike riders will either ride by or stop in along a very busy route around Mount Soledad going north up through La Jolla or south down through Pacific Beach. Bird Rock Coffee has a good reputation among the two wheel set. There are a good number of casual townies as well. I might wish for more bike parking, maybe even a bike corral on the street to handle 12-15 bikes. It would be well used I'm sure. As it is, people have to lock up to sign posts and trees or leave their bikes unlocked, leaning against the hedges. All in all, this cafe is very hospitable to bicyclist of all types and often San Diego's elite riders will be seen enjoying the warm brew and a chat before they are on their way.


    La Jolla Wine and Art Festival

    This little guy was getting his thrills riding one of the many bike parking frames found throughout the village of La Jolla.

    I continued my ride north into La Jolla and serendipitously rolled upon the La Jolla Wine and Art Festival. What a joy to see a fantastic collection of very fine art and a big wine and beer garden serving top name brands and hosting a nice steel drum band. It truly was very elegant and top shelf. I was very impressed and had a chance to mingle and talk with some really nice folks. The day was perfect and the crowd was really enjoying themselves.

    There were all sorts of street artist and this woman was playing classical music. She was very good and friendly as well. What a beautiful day!

    I came upon a display of the local school's art, produced by the students. As it turns out, the majority of the proceeds from the La Jolla Wine and Art Festival go to the local schools to help cover the costs of programs that are not funded by the school district. I was so impressed with the quality of the art from all the different grade levels. It shows the value of these programs and what any student is capable of if given the chance and guided by real instruction.

    There was also a student band stand but I didn't hear anything as they were on break. I continued along my way, enjoying all the booths with very nice art works.

    So,... this turned out to be a fantastic outing. Beautiful weather, good coffee, a nice art festival and an easy 10 mile ride along the coastal route into Bird Rock and on up to La Jolla. Just another beautiful day in paradise.

    Ride well and be safe out there.


    OKB, your coffeenuering reports are excellent!
    OKB: Thank you for the inspirational write up. May need to dust off the folding bike and ride down to Bird Rock soon!
    Thanks Legs! Thanks to Smorg and Mark as well. It's good to be out and about if just for coffee.

    Geoff, you would think the local Business Association would figure this out. Maybe this is the best they could do. If so, that's a sad commentary on where we are as a society.

    I've enjoyed so many ride reports from others. Often they go way beyond my skill level, but I'm enthralled none the less. My reports have been rather long winded but that's just me. I encourage anyone to join the quest and just post a paragraph and one image. That's all that's required. Seven rides are the goal but even one, two or three is better than none. We might even find that hidden treasure of a coffee/tea shop.

    Ride on!
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    Joined a group ride to 4 coffee stops - cafe moto, influx, somewhere in la mesa, and donnys we ride at 20mph average if you dont count light stops. we decided to add in B st hill climb.

    I go to moto quite often so why not, broke off the group at influx.

    moto has by far the best deal/taste for lattes (the barista won the county wide latte art competition). coffee is still a deal with out the discount... i dont know why people insist on starbucks down the road... but that has something to do with the drive through live in your car life style.

    you know the coffee is good when baristas from competing coffee joints come to moto. saw the guy from virtuoso there... but i think virtuoso has the best hands down espresso in all of SD.

    O yea and a picture.... on my return down a hill, this happened. yikes

    no brakes
    Coffeeneuring Three

    Dark Horse Coffee Roasters
    3260 Adams Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92116
    WiFi => yes
    Dog Friendly => yes, water bowl outside the door by the fence.
    MTS Bus: #11

    Sunday October 19, 2014 ~ 12 miles

    I had a Guatemala pour-over. Dark chocolate flavors with citrus. Sweet, medium to full bodied according to their own description on the posted boards. I thought is was a more full body roast and I enjoyed a nice medium sized cup.

    You can earn a discount if you join their frequent buyers club as well as if you bring your own cup/travel mug.

    The shop roasts coffee every day and during the month will fill larger commercial orders. Bulk coffee is sold by the pound rather than the usual 12oz packages that have become common. Dark Horse also provides coffee to Panama 66 in Balboa Park as well as Nate's, Waypoint and Mad-Fix coffee cart downtown. The roasting set-up was small in the back room but will scale up and expand as the shop opens in other locations. Dark Horse also serves a small selection of tea and cold brew.

    I picked this shop only because I had seen it used in another thread for a "Bike-O-Rama" tag. I had never heard of it or tried their coffee, but figured 'what the heck.' It was a good excuse to get up to Adams Avenue in the North Park area of San Diego. They've been open for about 1 1/2 years and are opening two new shops, another in North Park and one in Golden Hill.

    I got there around 9:30 AM and there was a good number of people waiting in line and occupying the indoor seating and outdoor benches along the sidewalk. It's a smaller shop but very attractive. The bench seating out front has pepper shade trees, nice "street furniture" and a charming front flower bed full of white roses.

    The front stairs up into the shop are steep so watch your step. The shop windows face south towards Adams Avenue, and will be a sunny and warm place to sit as the cool winter weather descends on the city. Inside are four 2-top tables and a tall counter for singles. There was easy, mellow music playing over the speakers adding to the relaxed Sunday morning vibe. I saw so many yoga people with their mats, I wasn't sure if they were coming or going or where in the area they practiced the art.

    This is a nice section of "Antique Row" along Adams Avenue and the business district has done a very good job making the area look attractive. The light posts, trash receptacles, and benches are all ornate iron works. The pepper trees are still young, but will fill out over time to provide nice shade and ambience along the sidewalk. The banners hung from the light posts are attractive as they highlight the area and upcoming events.

    I wish they had more secure bike parking. It's a narrow sidewalk and I ended up locking my bike to a bench. I had to ask a woman to excuse my fiddling when it was time to leave. There is some fencing by the door that some park next to without locking. It's such a small shop it's easy to just keep an eye on an unlocked bike but if you find yourself distracted in conversation or in the restroom, bikes are known to ride away. I hope they provide bike parking in their two new San Diego locations. Good for the business,... good for the neighborhood.

    Curtis was very helpful, friendly and answered my many questions easily and patiently. I had to get a shot of his shirt. Emily also was helpful with answers to many questions. There were a couple of other busy employees attending to the roasting and back-room efforts.

    Dark Horse Coffee Roasters has many different blends and roasts from which to choose.
    They also have loose teas which come from Cafe Moto down in Barrio Logan.

    Ride well and be safe out there.


    MJ Cyclery Coffee Shop Ride
    Sunday morning coffee ride from the shop and Jes at the Hillcrest Farmers Market!

    I visited MJ's last Sunday on my uptown coffeeneuring quest. Talking with Scott about the 8:00 AM Sunday morning coffee ride they sponsor, I realized this would fit in nicely with the whole coffeeneuring adventure. If they could get someone to record an image or two of the coffee shop they visit, and do a little write up, it would be a great addition to this thread. There might be ways to record the previous rides as well so to complete the 7 cups in 7 weeks goal. If not, at least we get to hear about more coffee shops and riding from our friends and neighbors.

    Ride on!
    Coffeeneuring Four

    Pappalecco Caffe'
    1602 State St. San Diego, CA 92101
    Phone: 619 238 4590
    Dog Friendly => Yes, though I didn't see a water bowl set out, there were many critters outside at the tables on the sidewalk. .

    MAP: (See web site for other locations)

    Pappalecco is an Adventure through the truth of Italy:
    Food, Culture, Art, Style… Essences of Italy.

    Sunday October 26, 2014 ~ 15 miles

    Regular coffee (I'm not sure if it's pour over of just drip coffee from a large brewer) and a Prosciutto sandwich. The coffee was very good, robust yet smooth and flavorful. They roast their own select blend of organically grown coffee beans at their facility in Temecula; in the Italian tradition for a strong, full-bodied flavor.

    The Prosciutto sandwich was fresh and generous. (Italian prosciutto, toasted bread, mozzarella, tomatoes, dried cranberries.) I was very happy with my selections.

    Pappalecco also serves a nice selection of Gelato. I saw many customers and their children enjoying both cones and dishes of this attractive treat.


    There was a line out the door most of the time I was there. (Late Sunday morning to noon) The Sunday morning crowd was ordering breakfast and coffees and then finding a seat in the crowded space, or out on the sidewalk. There is a nice selection of menu items from which to choose.

    The crew behind the counter numbered about six or seven. They were all very friendly, energetic and most were Italian. They were very efficient and had my order filled quickly, all with a gracious smile and happy disposition. Nice!

    While waiting in line and then for my order, I couldn't help but notice the fine selection of Gelato in the refrigerated case. I'll have to return to give that a go.

    At first it was hard to find a seat outside. All the tables were filled and there was only a bench. It didn't take too long before a seat at a table opened up and I asked if I could sit. The patrons were very generous and said sure, pull up a chair. It's almost family style with strangers sharing tables and just chatting away. (I took the image above after things calmed down a bit.)

    I enjoyed sitting under the trees. Even though it was somewhat overcast and a cooler day, the southern exposure could get warm if not for the natural shade. I like it when little leaves fall onto the table top as we were serenaded by classic old Italian ballads and songs from the sound system. There was little traffic on either Cedar Street or State Street so that helped the casual, mellow vibe outside.

    There is no bike parking so I cabled up to a tree, taking care to not harm the bark. There was another bike a few feet down the sidewalk, also locked to a tree. I hate to do that, but there was little else to lock onto to. This older neighborhood of Little Italy has narrow sidewalks and scant places to put a bike rack or more. Many people walk to this location. It is surrounded by the multiple new high-rises and dense infill that has dominated downtown for the last few years. It would be nice to see a few more bicycles being used to access the local neighborhood. Maybe the high-rises themselves have no facilities for storing bikes.

    Looking down Cedar Street toward the County Administration Center (CAC), you can see what a nice job the local business district has done with the street scape. Trees, lamps and and an attractive urban setting. There is more construction just down the street as the county builds out the new parking structure for the CAC.

    The Saturday morning Mercato (Farmers Market) has been moved over to Cedar Street, onto these blocks, from Date Street. Apparently there is to be a lot of construction on Date Street over the next year or more, which would interfere with the Mercato. You no longer have a nice view down the street to San Diego Bay, but you do get to look down to the nice, old Art Deco style County Administration Center.

    Ride well and be safe out there.


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    Probably the only reason Pappalecco isnt #1 for me is because there is no ceramic mug option. they are anal about metals not touching each other during the espresso making process.... but then the taste is lost into the paper cup
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    • CommentTimeOct 27th 2014
    Definitely go back for the gelato OKB
    Coffeeneuring Five

    Pannikin Coffee & Tea - La Jolla
    7467 Girard Avenue
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    (858) 454-5453

    Dog Friendly: Yes
    WiFi: Yes
    MTS Bus Route: #30

    Saturday November 1st, 2014 ~ 9 miles
    Guatemalan Organic Drip Coffee. Shade Grown and Fair Trade

    The coffee was earthy, full-bodied with a little bitter after taste. I had a small mug with a 50 cent refill. I might go for the larger size to-go paper cup next time. Pannikin has a good selection of coffees and loose teas. I considered getting 4oz of Green Dragon Chai but held off. They sell coffee by the pound, loose teas and T-Shirts (NOTE: different T-Shirts from web site.).


    I rode up from Pacific Beach and noticed new flashing lights installed for the crosswalk at Mission Blvd & Hornblend St. We have been advocating for enhanced crosswalk signals in the Bike/Walk community for a while now. As it happened, I saw many new installations on my Coffeeneuring journey this day.

    I cruised up along the coast as I did for my Bird Rock Coffeeneuring trip #2. I continued past Bird Rock and into La Jolla via the bike path and then cut up to Girard Avenue. It was on Girard Avenue that I was pleasantly surprised by the newly finished (last 5 months or so) crosswalk in front of two schools, La Jolla Elementary and the Gillispie School. This new walk facility acts to protect the many young school children that cross the street coming and going to school.

    There are new sidewalks with "bump-outs" that shorten the distance between safe zones. They also act to slow traffic by narrowing the lanes and prevent parents in cars from making u-turns and passing others who are loading or unloading children. It is a very simple design and very functional. The original crosswalk was in the middle of the block so didn't have signal buttons to activate walk signals. This new crosswalk has flashing lights on the new signage that are controlled by buttons at either side of the crosswalk. Very nicely done City of San Diego!


    Pannikin Coffee & Tea ~ La Jolla
    "Worth Losing Sleep Over"

    Micro-Roasted Organic Coffees, Fresh Baked Pastries, Breakfast & Lunch, WiFi, Live Music, Art Gallery

    The first storm of the season had blown through the night before bringing much needed rain. It was cloudy and breezy with lowered temperatures in the cool mid-60's. That's chilly for San Diego after a very hot and unusually humid summer and early autumn.

    There was a nice fire burning in the cozy interior of the cafe. Lot's of laptops were open and being scanned and worked. It was a good Saturday morning to be sipping warm drinks and getting work done.

    There's a good crowd that comes and goes, some staying for breakfast, some for the internet and most for hanging out and chatting up friends. The front courtyard and deck are shaded by trees and umbrellas. There are many tables, benches and bar seating. The staff is friendly, helpful, and fun.

    Inside there are a few alcoves with a giant chess board in one and lot's of wall art that rotates through every month. (Diego Tattoo was this month's featured artist.) The single bathroom was clean and accessible and the fun music was being provided via Spotify through a cell phone attached to the cafe's sound system. They were playing a punk/folk group called the "Moldy Peaches" and it was pretty entertaining.

    There were any number of dogs and a water bowl was right out front on the steps. Even the dogs are considered regulars and many arrive by wheeled mobility devices. Ha!
    Coffeeneuring Five (cont.)

    The bike parking is so-so. There's a tree and a rusty old bike rack out front and a wooden fence along the side of the building. It's probably best to not lock up to the fence as it clutters the wheelchair access ramp and path. It would be nice to see the newspaper racks swapped out for some nice city racks.

    There is some wall art outside on the patio. For readers of the bike-o-rama thread, you may appreciate the sentiment.


    The Pannikin Coffee & Tea is an iconic San Diego Coffee purveyor. They've been around in one way or another since 1968. The original and current La Jolla store is owned separately from the North County location in Encinitas. The coffee and pastries come down from the Encinitas Cafe though, and they share the same web site.

    Bob Sinclair, founder of Pannikin Coffee & Tea and later of Cafe Moto, died after sustaining injuries in a motorcycle crash in New Mexico in 2011.

    Bob Sinclair’s Pannikin set a style for coffeehouses in San Diego for layout, design and signature coffees that endures. He introduced whole bean specialty coffee to San Diego, revived coffee roasting single handedly here and was the first to create public awareness of coffees’ diversity. His business model and taste helped frame the style of many coffeehouses that elevated them from offbeat hangouts to the comfortably chic places they’ve become. There is perhaps no one individual with more significance to more aspects of San Diego’s coffee and allied trades than Bob Sinclair, dead at the age of 69.
    by John Rippo

    I spent some time just hanging' and watching the comings and goings. We had a few sprinkles from a passing cloud and I finally decided to get rolling along. I discovered another crosswalk with new button activated flashing lights by the Bishops School and La Jolla Recreation Center. This is good for everyone. We're starting to see some good road improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as vehicles here in the City of San Diego.

    Ride well and be safe out there.


    Coffeeneuring in San Diego, CA

    Some local San Diego media resources for the coffeeneur.


    San Diego Reader
    Pour Over
    All things coffee and tea.
    Steamed-milk throwdown
    By Ian Anderson, Nov. 5, 2014
    East Village — craft coffee neighborhood?
    Bean Bar and their custom Spirit are part of a new crew downtown.
    Coffee break? Take your time!
    Slo-ow coffee inching into East Village
    Fueled by coffee, food, and friendliness
    Influx starts off strong in North Park.

    San Diego Coffee Network Organization

    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2014
    Great coffeeneuring, OKB! You are a true coffee connoisseur! :oD Thanks a bunch for lovely and informative write up, too. I haven't been to a few of these cafes. Must shape up and go look for them. ;o)
    Coffeeneuring Six

    Ryan Bros Coffee
    1894 Main Street, San Diego, CA 92113
    (619) 546-6314
    Dog Friendly: Not obvious/not sure
    WiFi: Not sure
    Bus Routes: #11, #901, #929
    Trolley Station: Barrio Logan Station

    Ryan Bros Coffee
    "Life is too short to be bitter"
    A family owned, family driven coffee provider providing quality coffees, teas, cocoas, and in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

    Sunday November 2nd, 2014 ~ 14 miles

    Mexican Mocha - Espresso with chocolate, cinnamon and whipped cream. Yum! I got the 20oz with two shots of espresso. What a treat on a cool and blustery morning. It really warmed me up both physically and spiritually. Yea baby, that hit the spot! Scott sugested a little touch of cyan pepper would give it some pop. Maybe....


    MJ Cyclery Coffee Shop Ride
    Sunday morning coffee ride from the shop and Jes at the Hillcrest Farmers Market!

    I mentioned in the thread above that a ride report from this Sunday morning group would fit in nicely with the whole Coffeeneuring endeavor. I decided to give the ride a go myself and maybe learn something new. We met up at MJ's Cyclery shop at Park Boulevard and University Avenue. The weather continued to be chilly and unsettled. There was more rain over the previous night with lingering squalls, wind and clouds. It was expected to clear out by noon with a nice high pressure system filling in behind the passing front.

    The clocks had fallen back one hour overnight and that helped with the timing. I used my multi-modal transportation skills to get to the start right before 8:00 AM via MTS bus #10 from Old Town San Diego.

    There was only four of us this morning. Scott (on the right) leads the rides and was still trying to figure out where to go. He wanted to make it a shorter ride so others could get to the San Diego VeloSwap at the velodrome at Morley Field. Kayla on the left and Petteri joined myself and Scott for this ride. I think Kayla and Petteri are regulars with Scott and others for the Sunday morning coffee rides.

    Sunday, November 9th, 2014 - 10am-3pm

    San Diego’s third FREE open streets celebration. This event is open to anyone who wants to bike, walk, stroll or skate, as long as they’re using a non-motorized vehicle. Families and pets (on leashes) are welcome. The whole city is looking forward to this event. The first two were big successes and the expectation is this will be bigger and better than ever.


    Ryan Bros Coffee is located in a nice old brick building on the corner of Main Street and Cesar E. Chavez Parkway in Barrio Logan just south of downtown San Diego.

    The Barrio Logan area is going through a renewal of sorts. There has been many new buildings put up for both housing as well as commercial uses. This part of the city has been neglected for years and it's a needed, timely bit of love for this nice old neighborhood. It was my first experience in San Diego almost 40 years ago as I worked the ship repair businesses that are located here. The newly installed Barrio Logan gateway sign gives this old neighborhood an iconic marker along Cesar E. Chavez Parkway.

    Bikes are welcome and Ryan Bros Coffee is a member of the SDBikeCommuter Discount Program. The bike parking could be improved with some dedicated bike racks out front. We had to lock up to the fence along the ADA ramp and the iron fencing gate that swings in toward the front door.

    The interior of this old building is expansive yet inviting, clean and attractive. There are many tables, couches and window seating.
    Coffeeneuring Six (cont.)

    We sat and enjoyed our warm drinks on this cool morning. We had a good ride down from North Park along Park Boulevard then down into Florida Canyon to Pershing Drive, past the retched Highway-5 on ramps and on into Barrio Logan. It was nice to just hang out for a short while in the uncrowded space on an early Sunday morning. There were a few people who came and went quickly, just to pick up a coffee to go.

    The coffee menu is well placed and easily understood. There is lots to choose from for both hot drinks as well as cold drinks.

    Breakfast choices are extensive and inviting. I had already eaten and the others just wanted coffee so we didn't try the offerings. I'll have to go back to give it a try.

    I liked the little bit of history in this old building. 1870's is quite a time ago! Maybe old' Jesse James was having an "Irish Coffee" with some Jameson Whiskey. Cowboy up!

    The Ryan Bros roast a lot of coffee at this location. They sell coffee by the pound and deliver to their other locations, restaurants and other cafes.


    I was really happy to see the local San Diego Community College District building out a new campus for their Continuing Education. This Cesar E. Chavez Campus will be very welcomed and fully utilized in this community. It is conveniently located by both bus routes and the trolley line so it will serve many, many students who come from all over the city via alternative transportation. It's also close by to a great coffee shop for those study session pick-me-ups. Let's just hope robust, safe bicycle parking is provided in the build out.

    It's a big facility and I can only imagine it will be as high quality both physically as well as instructionally as the new North City Center and West City Center campuses, both of which I've attended. This is a fantastic development for Barrio Logan and I'm so stoked to see this community have easy access to great education.

    On the ride home, I got a nice view of the new city sky line from the south. I don't often ride Harbor Drive coming up from the south and on this brisk autumn morning I was pleased to see this new gorgeous skyline. To the left is the new San Diego Padres MLB ballpark. The new San Diego Central Library is the domed building in the distance, surrounded by many of the new high rise housing developments that have been sprouting up all over downtown. You can see all the Red San Diego Trolleys stored for the weekend. We continue to build out the light rail system here in town.

    Our city of San Diego is changing, growing and evolving. Good coffee, great public education and easy bicycle riding are helping to transform it into a 21st century, world class city. Nice!

    Ride well and be safe out there.


    • CommentAuthorT
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2014
    Paul Jameson (Board member at BikeSD and big bike supporter) has a blog at

    the latest post has to do with the 'third wave' of coffee. seemed appropriate for this thread:
    Coffeeneuring Seven

    Cafe Moto
    2619 National Ave, San Diego, CA 92113
    (619) 239-6686

    Dog Friendly: Not Sure/plenty of space outside for them.
    WiFi: Yes
    MTS Bus Route: #11 (along National Ave.) #929 (along Main Street)
    Trolley: Blue Line (Barrio Logan Station or Harborside Station)


    SDBikeCommuter Discount Program 10% off

    Discount sign was prominently displayed by front door. Veteran's Day discount of 20% off to all vets.

    Cafe Moto
    Small batch, big flavor, family owned, solar powered coffee roaster.

    Tuesday November 11th, 2014 (Veteran's Day) ~ 14 miles

    Guatemala Leonardo Huehuetenango pour over coffee prepared by Gerrardo. Earthy with balanced acidity roasted in to counter the mineral characteristic. I got the large to-go cup and received a SDBikeCommuter 10% discount.


    I took advantage of the Veteran's Day rule to get my 7th Cup in the Coffeeneuring Challenge. I rode from Pacific Beach to downtown along Nimitz Boulevard (Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz USN - WII Naval Commander) then along Harbor Drive to the Midway Museum in front of the US Navy Broadway Complex. It was a good spot to take pictures with the Midway Museum aircraft carrier as a background. It was cooler and overcast in the morning but warmed up as the day went along. As usual, there were marching bands, floats, dignitaries and of course...heros.

    Midway Museum dressed out nicely and with all her aircraft on display.

    Veterans from all services were represented in the parade.

    Two of the chief representatives of Veterans Groups in San Diego.

    There are many US Military aviators from all branches in San Diego.

    Purple Heart veterans received an especially loud and long round of applause.

    POW's and MIA's are never forgotten.

    The parade started at 11:00 AM, lasted about 1 1/2 hours and was over before 1:00 PM. As the crowds were dispersing, I was glad to be on my bike and avoid all the traffic, closed streets and general congestion. I rode out Imperial Ave and found my way to Sampson Street and then down to National Avenue.

    One of my first jobs in San Diego (1978) was ship repair; working in a sheet metal shop in the 2200 block of National Avenue (1/2 block from Cafe Moto). This ride was like a nostalgic homecoming of sorts. The ship repair company is long gone but the "yard" (now paved) is still there by Ace Muffler. My first burrito was at La Popular Tortilleria. You never forget your first burrito. Sigh...
    Coffeeneuring Seven (cont.)

    Cafe Moto
    "We drink all we can, the rest we sell."

    As bike friendly as Cafe Moto is, they could use a bit more dedicated bike parking. I locked up to the fence along the parking lot and it seemed secure enough. If a big group of bicyclists rolled in, it might be difficult to accommodate them all.

    One of the employees pointed out the bike repair station that sits just outside one of the doors. It's got a pump, tools and a padded rack to hoist your bike up onto, so you can make adjustments as needed. I was thinking that in this neighborhood, it is a great resource for the many capable do-it-yourself bike mechanics. I'm guessing kids as well as adults make use of this free facility. Nice!

    There are a few fold down tables along the front of the building and a big seating area behind the fence in the parking lot. Once inside the service counter and bar seating presents itself. It's not a big prep area but very clean and attractive. I was impressed with how well the cafe looked, clean tables, polished concrete floors and a large clean restroom. The same attention to detail followed through the back and down to the store and roasting room. All very well maintained and attractive.

    Every spring for almost twenty years, the San Diego Bicycle Club has hosted the Barrio Logan Grand Prix. The course is just a few short blocks from Cafe Moto. I hope the local coffee purveyors in the area can support the San Diego Bicycle Club in their efforts to host these races.


    Gerrardo was behind the counter when I walked in. It was nice to see they were offering a 20% discount to Veterans on this holiday. I asked about the bike discount and he said no problem, 10% for those arriving by bicycle. The SDBikeCommuter Discount Program plaque was hanging by the front door. It was good to see it prominently displayed so patrons can ask about it. (Also, so Old Knotts remember to ask for it. Ha!) Gerrado gave me the discount on the pour over coffee.
    Coffeeneuring Seven (cont.)

    Cafe Moto

    Bike Discounts on all other products too. When I went down back to the store, I received the discount as well when I bought some Irish Blend tea and Chai Moto tea. Throw in a new style "black tea" shirt for fun and I saved $2.50. Nice!

    Adriana was sporting a tee shirt I had seen before. Curtis, from Dark Horse (Coffeeneuring Three above) was wearing a blue one with the same graphic design. I mentioned it and Adriana told me she got it from Augie's Coffee Roasters, up in Redlands, CA.

    Adriana is the cafe manager and attended Barista camp over the summer, working on her level 2 certification. Apparently, Augie's sponsors these Coffee Camps and trains many barista's throughout the country. It could be that Curtis attended a similar camp/training to win his shirt. I'll have to ask next time I'm at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters. I'll include some links to Augie's just because they seem important to the Southern California Coffee Roasting community.

    Augie's Coffee Roasters
    Facebook Augie's
    Story about Augie's


    There is a large selection of both coffees and teas. I happened to need some loose tea for the coming winter months. I like to brew up a pot of tea in the evening and drink it while working away on the computer. It helps to keep the chill off and provides a little pick-me-up for when I start to flag. Add a little locally produced "Orange Blossom" honey that I buy at the farmers market in Pacific Beach and that my friends, is what I'm talking about! Oh yeah.

    Many of the local coffee houses get their tea (and sometimes coffee) from Cafe Moto. I was told by Dark Horse Coffee Roasters they get all their loose teas here and the folks at Panama 66 in Balboa Park get their coffee here. I talked with Jessica at Cafe Moto, who does sales, and was told that they have a very large client base they have been servicing for years. Restaurants, cafes, carts and bars all know and use the many products of Cafe Moto.


    Cafe Moto Brews Globally, and Locally, Responsible Coffee

    Solar Powered

    "....basically Torrey leases his roof to the solar energy company who installed 105 panels and the necessary monitoring and electrical equipment, under the agreement that Cafe Moto would buy its energy from them at a rate lower than the local utilities company. It's a remarkable move on everyone's part, one that saves money and environmental impact for Cafe Moto, and is a conscientious and solid investment on behalf of the owners of the solar panels on his roof.

    Torrey explains that decisions like this come from an awareness of the world he is creating--and the example he is setting--for his two young daughters. The beauty of staying small and privately owned means he can make choices like this, that benefit people even if not directly profitable.

    Fair Trade

    This approach also explains Cafe Moto's involvement with a small women's farming collective in Nicaragua called Las Hermanas ("The Sisterhood"). While the coffee is both certified organic and Fair Trade, Torrey decided to purchase their crop and establish it as one of his best coffees due to its distinct, bold, outspoken flavor, before even labeling it or marketing its origins. The knowledge that the sliver of business that he can give the women allows them better care for their families, schools and uniforms for the children, and a new clinic for their community, was enough of a payoff. Today, all of Cafe Moto's organic coffees come from this cooperative.


    The roaster is one of the bigger one's I've seen in my short roasting education while riding the Coffeeneuring Challenge. I bet the neighborhood smells great throughout the day as bag after bag gets the hands on treatment from the experienced crew.
    Coffeeneuring Seven (cont.)

    Roasting has happened here for years. This is a real hands-on craft and a hard earned skill set used to produce well roasted beans, time and time again. Consistency and attention to detail are required every day to ensure the high standards and good reputation that Cafe Moto has maintained for years.


    Bob Sinclair, founder of Pannikin Coffee & Tea and later of Cafe Moto loved to ride his Ducati Motorcycles. This is a particularly refined bike. Knowing Bob's love of motorbikes goes a long way toward understanding the motorbike over the fireplace in Pannikin Coffee & Tea in La Jolla. (Coffeeneuring Five above)
    by John Rippo

    "...There is perhaps no one individual with more significance to more aspects of San Diego’s coffee and allied trades than Bob Sinclair..."
    Coffeeneuring Seven (cont.)

    About Cafe Moto

    Cafe Moto Blog

    Cafe Moto Brews Globally, and Locally, Responsible Coffee

    Buoyed by the healthy, sustainable food movements of recent years, Torrey knows his buyers and their drinkers demand and appreciate better coffee. Most of his customers, ranging from "5-star restaurants to taco shops" are in the immediate San Diego area, where they are able to make regular deliveries themselves, cutting the time from roast to cup to just two to three days. Roll in a company-wide recycling program, reclaimed building materials when possible, and hiring neighborhood contractors for any outside work needed, and you've got a business that Torrey's daughters will someday be proud of.

    From: This Tasty Life
    At Harry's Coffee Shop in La Jolla, both their original blends and new specialty coffees are roasted by Cafe Moto, a local San Diego company that provides organic, sustainable fair trade beans out of their solar-powered kitchen..


    That's it for Coffeeneuring 2014.

    Ride well and be safe out there.


    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2014 edited
    Joined Scott's (MJ's Cyclery) coffee ride this morning. Quiet streets with morning crisp air and good conversation over coffee is a great way to start the day.

    4048 Goldfinch Street
    San Diego, CA 92103

    • CommentAuthorsynthetic
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2015
    After running race which i biked to on saturday in mission bay, decided to stop by our new friends at the swell cafe. Tried the yummy grand manier soaked brioche french toast, with REAL whip cream (hand made, organic cream, not the spray can BS). The I had a latte there, cause I was cold and wife was late so I drank hers haha. It was with no syrup or anything, and was amazing, on par with my favorite cafe virtuoso.

    6th Annual Coffeeneuring Challenge: The Spirit of Coffeeneuring
    Now in its sixth year, the Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge is a relaxed cycling endeavor for people everywhere.
    If you like riding a bike and enjoy drinking coffee or tea (or even hot chocolate or cider), consider this challenge.

    NEW Rule #4) ANY DAY OF THE WEEK WHILE ADHERING TO THE SPIRIT OF COFFEENEURING RULE. After years of intense debate, it has been determined that you can coffeeneur ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. It’s such a big change that I thought it merited all caps.

    • CommentAuthorChris C.
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2016
    I'm doing it!!
    Congrats to Hippyonabike. Coffee Cycle is now in business.


    Coffeeneuring Challenge 2018: The Best Intentions
    The Chasing Mailboxes Coffeeneuring Challenge is a relaxed cycling endeavor for people everywhere, and it’s coming your way once again, starting October 12, 2018. If you like riding a bike and enjoy drinking coffee or tea (or even hot chocolate or cider), consider this fall challenge.

    Back for year eight, the Coffeeneuring Challenge has almost reached the age of being a tradition. In that vein, I wanted to throw out this year’s theme of intention. Coffeeneuring gives a ride a certain element of intention, but what else inspires us to keep coming back to the challenge each year, or even to try it for the first time? The peaceful act of motion on two wheels? Meeting friends? Solitude? The coffee at the end of the ride rainbow? Let us know.
    Ride your bike to 7 different local coffee shops from Friday October 12 through Sunday, November 25. Any place that sells or serves coffee – or “coffee,” as the case may be – qualifies as a coffee shop. Reusable cups or mugs are highly encouraged!
    Follow link for full rules and other particulars.