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    Alright People enough of the slacking with the bike in movie series this summer. For our second summer bike in movie we will be screening Old School "Your my boy blue!" :)

    Loose plan as always is to meet at Small Bar for a pint to get everyone in the mood. Then ride over as a group to Bird Park in North Park. Bring a blanket, lawns chairs (if you can haul them on your bike), and a picnic dinner. I will be playing music till the sun goes down as we hang out and have a picnic and throw the frisbee around. Once the sun goes down its on to Old School on the 12x9ft inflato-tron, ah yeah you'll see! This is always a popular event, i believe we had about 80 riders and revelers out last time so get ready for a unique and fun bike culture night out on town and under the stars. Bring a friend or two, you'll be glad you did! Your's in bike-dome! Jeremy
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2014
    Instead of creating a new thread for every upcoming Urban BS event, in the future please add a new post to an existing UBS event thread (and edit the title as necessary), or just add the event to the "Upcoming Local Events" sticky.

    Ok Sigurd, I will try that next time, not super savvy to the site workings.

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    • CommentTimeMay 23rd 2014
    post on the sdbike commuter facebook page and i will share it