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    • CommentAuthormatts
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2014
    I was hoping to use some of the collective wisdom on this board for help on a new project.

    I'm planning on starting a commute from Mission Valley to downtown in a couple of months. I know it's possible to do this commute with a normal bike, but given the goals of commuting with minimal fuss, as fast as possible (on a bike) and also with as little sweat as possible, I decided to go with a pedal assist bike, specifically the Copenhagen Wheel from Superpedestrian. Basically, the whole back wheel swaps out for this unit, which still requires you to pedal and just gives you an extra little umph. You can dial in different settings if you want it to really assist you or if you just want it to ride like a normal wheel.

    I'm sure some people may have some aversion to this, but I think it will work best for what I am looking for. Plus, I'm a tech geek and excited to try out something new. As for the bike for this wheel, I want to get something new. I want to keep my existing bike as is for when I don't want the electric assist. I thought about buying used, which I have done in the past, but I need a bigger frame and honestly don't have the time to hunt on craigslist.

    Since the complete back wheel will need to be replaced and I won't need any gearing, I thought I would just buy a single speed bike where I could just swap out the back wheel. I have been looking for a complete bike to buy, but haven't found any that I really love. I also already have a saddle I can use and wouldn't need the back wheel, so I am wondering if it may be cheaper and easier to have a bike built up for me. Not a custom frame, but just have a local shop put together the pieces for me.

    So the questions:

    1) Does anyone have a shop they would recommend for this project?
    2) I'm looking for a commuter bike, so a more relaxed frame, with racks, etc. The wheel can't take disc brakes, so those is out. With this in mind, does anyone have a frame they would suggest? As for components, I've never shopped for them piece by piece, any recommendations for what to get and/or avoid?
    3) For any naysayers, feel free to tell me I am doing it wrong and

    I'm excited for a new project. I'll be sure to share any updates as it progresses.
    Hello Matt, there is an "Electric-Assist Bikes" thread on this forum that may answer most of your questions. But for te sake of continuity. Your post will be moved to that discussion topic. And this thread will be closed for discussion.