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    I've had a Spinlister account for about a year now. It is equivalent to AirBnB but for bikes. Jeff Motch told me about Spinlister when he used it to rent a bike in San Francisco. There are times that it is not possible to bring our favorite steeds on a trip. It is quite fun to search out specific bikes, SUPs, Kayaks, or snowboard in different parts of the USA. So some of my cargo trailers and bikes available for rent.

    To start it off:

    My Bikes At Work Trailer is now available in Spinlister
    Link -->

    I've moved and hauled a lot of stuff with this trailer. Check out this link to see photos of stuff I hauled. If you are up to a challenge and need some assistance then I can be available to secure, lift, and guide you on how to use this amazing trailer.

    My BikeRevolution Trailer is now available in Spinlister
    Link -->

    This lightweight trailer can haul up to 150 lbs of camping gear, groceries, or campfire logs.
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    My Surly Big Dummy is now listed

    Surly Big Dummy Cargo Bike | Spinlister via @spinlister

    Riding to Gator By the Bay. Nick sprained his right hand. So he's my passenger on the #surly #bigdummy #cargobike
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    Good point about "only rent to my peers". I have considered Spinlisting my Big Dummy but am concerned about losing all that swoop tube goodness.
    Still there is the big unknown of theft that is why I include a U-lock and cable. We have two BD but only renting the medium size BD.
    The Spinlister $10K insurance coverage should cover the cost of bike just in case something does happen to it.
    I have a Twitter peer from SF Bay area that will rent it next week for a few days.
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    Halloween weekend, I rented my Surly Big Dummy to a Twitter peer from the Bay area. These kids grew up riding on cargo bikes!

    Try it out:

    Rent my Surly Cargo Bike with Xtracycle Sidecar this holiday season. Haul that holiday tree and get some exercise. I can also setup the cargo bike with a Xtracycle Hooptie to carry kids.

    I rented our Black Brompton folding bike last December. The renter stayed at her relatives' house in Pacific Beach where I delivered the bike. I also gave her biking directions to get to the convention center via Harbor drive bike way. She didn't have a Brompton but this was a good time for her to try one out for a few days. She rode about 20 miles in a total of 3 days and totally loved the mobility of the Brompton. Try it out and take it for a spin in the real world:

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    now that I'm north-county (sorta: Rancho Penasquitos) I'll try and rent that brompton someday from you!