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    • CommentAuthorBikerBrewer
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2015 edited
    A few days ago, Todd Gloria (the guy who says he likes bikes and the environment but votes against both) came to light the South Park community Christmas tree. One of the things he remarked upon was how nice it was to have a few blocks of Fern St. closed. I can confirm it was pretty awesome.

    Anyway, as part of his remarks he said people should get in touch with him if they're interested in improving bike infrastructure or closing streets. I'm not dumb enough to think that my dream of a pedestrianized Fern st. could ever happen here (this place has NIMBYs and spoiled drivers up the wazzoo), but I think the streets are wide enough to do a north/south buffered bike lane through much of south/north park along 30th. It currently has sharrows - also known as "get screamed at by assholes" arrows. The only narrow-ish spot would be Fern between Juniper and Switzer canyon, and even that's not narrow, it's just got people storing their cars on the side of it.

    Does anyone here have any experience on how to get the ball rolling on this? Do I need to start a 501(c) and spend ten years on it? I assume it will never happen because this city, honestly, has pretty shit infrastructure and culture regarding bicycling, but I suppose I should at least give it a go so my complaints aren't so hollow.
    • CommentAuthorbossvoss
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2015
    SDCBC has an Advocacy Committee, chaired by Khalisa Bolling, that works on issues like this. I will send you her e-mail address privately.