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    It's Not A Race
    We all know ‘The Game’.

    We may never have dared to speak of it or confess its power over us, but we’ve all heard its seductive voice whispering in our ears, daring us to chase that shaven-legged (like a girl) roadie though our lungs threaten to burst out of our chest. We’ve all been stung by its bitter laughter when the skinny kid on the slicked-up mountain bike dropped us when we weren’t really paying attention (though in our hearts, we know that was no excuse), but we’d be damned if we were going to let him get away with it.

    Oh yes, we all know The Game.

    I'll be damned. I had my brick stolen from my garage this week. The bike I will ride until it gets replaced puts me squarely in category 5 with what I wear to commute in. Yes, yes... the game.

    I looked around here and didn't see anything on this topic.

    We all know that person, we ARE those people! I am one of those people. I get joy in passing a roadie or three on my commute. I pass squarely loaded down, barely breathing hard, and a smile comes to my face. +2
    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2016
    I can't drop as many people as I used to, but I still enjoy it when I can.
    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2016
    Hmmpppfff. I actually don't like to drop people and I make sure to say hi when I do pass someone (and hang around a while to see if they want to draft me up the hill). On the other hand, I'll, much of the time, not like to get caught on a climb... Tho it sort of sucks when someone decides to chase me when I'm heading up things like Torrey Pines Inside or Texas St on the way home after having spent the day riding a bit too fast with Swami's Team Fun or on some other long exploration rides in the mountains. :oP
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2016 edited
    I almost never encounter cyclists on my commute. Even rarer is an opportunity to "race" - going in the same direction, similar equipment etc. But when I do - maybe once a month, if I'm lucky - that other cyclist will invariably race me. And, of course, I can't help myself but to reciprocate. But whomever comes up stealthily from behind has a huge advantage. :)

    That forum thread is funny, though.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2016
    I posted this on FB ....

    • CommentAuthorJSnook
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2016
    I passed a Ferrari and two Porsches while riding through the cove the other day, so I guess that makes me the fastest.
    • CommentAuthortecno
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2016
    I'm sure most people think I'm Cat 6'ing, but I'm usually just running late for a morning meeting...