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    • CommentAuthorGandharv
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2016
    Firstly, I hope this isn't the wrong place to post this - if it is, do tell me and I'll delete the post. As a regular commuter (do about 4000 miles a year),I wanted to utilize the backpack, which is the most visible part of a commuter cyclist, to improve safety is such a natural idea! I had posted here in November with an early prototype image seeking feedback (got feedback in a few forums). Over 6 moths, I started building this backpack and several prototypes later, I think we got it right! Presenting to you - Aster, the safest commute backpack in the world! Do check it out at .

    The various lights on Aster

    I took inspiration from cars and motorcycles and built in a turn indicator, automatic brake lights, rear lights visible from 250M/800ft, static profile lights and door-me-not front lights. The indicators are controlled by a handlebar unit via Bluetooth and the backpack can be configured through an app.

    Commute backpack

    Of course, as a cyclist, it gave me an opportunity to rethink the backpack from a cyclist point of view too! For example, an "Emergency contact info" slot is just basic and should have been there in every cycling backpack! Also, I decided to put in reflectors that were visible from multiple angles!

    Multi-angle reflectors

    I finally launched the backpack on Indiegogo. I would love to hear feedback from the community! And this is still work in progress -if you have any ideas, I would love to hear your ideas.

    • CommentAuthorRohler
    • CommentTimeApr 15th 2016
    Looks pretty good Gandharv. Does it have a decent wait belt? I recall my pack floating around without it.
    One other issue I had with a backpack was cutoff using a helmet mirror.
    Rack and panniers is how I roll these days.