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    • CommentAuthorRohler
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2016
    On Monday, I made the best find ever. In the middle of a residential road, I passed a bird. Turned around thinking it was dead and needed a respectful resting place.
    Turned out to be a live hummingbird. I approached and it didn't flee. Reached down and scooped him up. I figure it was a juvenile or otherwise disabled.
    Placed him in a safe spot under a bush and was off. How many times do you get to hold a live wild hummingbird and admire it's beauty?
    It must be interesting to see one up that close. I once found a pair of california kingsnakes in a mating ball middle of the OB Bikepath. I placed them in some adjacent bushes, didn't seem to disturb them.
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2016
    The most interesting things I've found have been phones -- twice. One had been run over quite a few times before being swept into the bike lane. The other was in the middle of the travel lane but had not been run over. Both were Verizon phones so I turned them into the stores so their owners could get them back. Even the smashed one probably could have the data retrieved.

    A hummingbird would be really cool to find. Neat story. I suspect that's a very rare thing. The animals I find are usually dead (snakes, skunks) or running away (rabbits, squirrels etc.). I have encountered one live rattlesnake in a bike lane (swerved around it). I once had a squirrel try to dive between my wheels. It didn't make it.

    There's low traffic FB group about finding stuff on the road:
    • CommentAuthorShady John
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2016
    Drill bits, sockets, pliers, bits of broken cassette cogs, a pile of CDs and other stuff that had been stolen out of a car, some dolphins swimming offshore...this is for commutes. I've found some more interesting things on recreational rides.
    What I found or they found me.

    I commute to school, work, and the gym/pool. On my way back from North Island Pool today I was riding on the right side of the road from Coronado to Imperial Beach (Highway 75), I got off the cut off to the Cays then I would flow back onto 75. On the way down the ramp some guy in his SUV pulls right by me rolls down the window and asks if I knew there was a bike path on the other side of the road. I said yes thinking he might think I was a tourist and may need a good tip. Instead he says, "and you still ride here? Keep in mind we are still moving. He passes judgement with his extensive knowledge of bicycles, and tells me get off the road asshole and stay on the bike path! The road was almost empty I was on the side wide shoulder and I have done this for decades with one hiccup, I had a water bottle thrown at me and hit my back.

    Any way I was flabbergasted by the guys comment, he was this old guy, I am 52, and he was fat. I could have said other things to him such as, "have you seen other bike paths on the roads in the rest of the county, do you know you have to share the road with me except on freeways where I am prohibited? Anyway I just told him he was fat and out of shape. He must have called me an asshole and to stay on the bike path a couple more times, I ended the exchange with the finger.

    I get it we are a nuisance, our minority of folks should be kept isolated to insure cars are not inconvenienced by our relatively slow movements, never mind we actually solve transportation and major health issues with each ride. Well I guess we should all just stay on bike paths and limit our shameful and slow mode of transport methods to accommodate the all mighty motorists.

    Perplexed by idiocy,

    • CommentAuthorShady John
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2016

    We evolved living in small family/community groups, where everybody knew you, everybody was dependent on everybody else, and your actions on one day determined how you were treated on the next day. We were held accountable.

    We now live in a society in which we live in close proximity to hundreds of thousands of other people, we know almost none of them, and are hardly ever held accountable for our actions. Most people choose to get around in 3-4000 lb mobile steel cages, with the power of 150-400+ horses at their disposal. They feel invincible, they are not held accountable, so we should not be surprised that they behave as assholes when they encounter a vulnerable individual on a lonely stretch of road.

    I should say that when we were living in small community groups, we were likely in a state of near constant war with the groups of people who lived on the borders of our territory. If we were to encounter a lone outsider at our border, when we were in a position of strength, e.g. if we were in an armed group, we would very likely slaughter the outsider on the spot.

    See "The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies?" by Jared Diamond

    Shady John,

    A serendipitous reply, meaning the objective theme of Diamond's book somewhat parallels my personal blog yesterday: "Less is More" I try encourage the basic striped down feel and instinct that is innate from a distant past. Thanks for the read recommendation.

    Hello Syril
    I understand you were flabbergasted, and he called you names first, but I must take a mild objection ;-) to your comment above
    "Anyway I just told him he was fat and out of shape."
    That's a cyclist being nearly as rude as the offensive cager...may as well call someone gay, ugly, stupid, or any number of racial epithets.
    Being a fat fuck myself, this is how cagers lash-out at me, and it hurts.

    Please Consider
    The cager has already demonstrated your life is worth less than a used candy wrapper. Don't Confront them.
    One can experience greater joy from smiling and waving profusely at assholes encountered on the road, then report them to police or
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2016
    Cash. I've found cash on occasion. 1's, 5's, 10's, even 20's.
    • CommentAuthorRohler
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2016
    Found a Rigid 151 tubing cutter this morning. $48 new at Home Depot. If only I was a plumber!!