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    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2016
    I will be going to LA Harbor for work with a co-worker. Since it is Bike Month May we thought maybe bringing the bikes and fitting a quick ride somewhere on the way south. I know there is plenty north of the harbor (Venice / Santa Monica / Hermosa) but what about from San Pedro (Port of LA) south? anywhere fun to stop and do a few miles?

    The shoreline pedestrian / bike path on the Long Beach harbor side by the aquarium is fun:

    Or maybe something at the Huntington Beach bike trail?

    Could always park at Christianitos / Tressles in south san clemente and do a bit to the scenic overlook or something like that....
    • CommentAuthorgottobike
    • CommentTimeMay 17th 2016 edited
    OCBC has a great Bike Paths in Orange County resource page:

    OC Parks list county trails:

    A hardcopy of the Orange County Bikeways Guide can be requested:

    A couple of my favorites are Aliso Creek Riding and Hiking Trail and the Serrano Creek Trail (unpaved). They are located a bit inland but make for great May Grey rides. Very few facilities located directly on these trails; however, there are some very nice parks with shade, water, restrooms, etc a short distance from the trails.