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    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2016
    CicloSDias # 4 - Sunday October 30, 2016 - Adams/30th/Lincoln/University

    CycloSDias Special Event Oct 30 Adam Ave. between Hamilton & 39th St., 30th St between Adams & Lincoln Ave, Lincoln Ave between 39th St. and University Ave, and University Ave between Lincoln Ave and 38th St., Theresa Millette, Senior Planner, Office of Special Events, (619) 685-1336

    Glad to see this open streets even finally come back after being pushed and pushed with promised dates for 2 years.

    Not sure if BikeSD or SDCBC is heading it up. Official website hasn't yet been updated so hopefully October 30, 2016 sticks!


    Some History:
    CicloSDias #1 - August 11, 2013 - North Park & South Park & Golden Hill: -
    CicloSDias #2 - March 30, 2014 - Pacific Beach: -
    CicloSDias #3 - November 9, 2014 - Hillcrest & Bankers Hill
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    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2016
    I'm looking forward to bringing the whole family out for this. I saw it mentioned on VoiceofSanDiego this morning with a link to a Facebook page or something, but I don't facebook so I'm hoping more details can be posted up here as things are confirmed.

    San Diego Bike Event ‘CicloSDias’ Returns After 2 Years
    By Andrew Bowen August 22, 2016

    The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition recently announced the return of its CicloSDias event, which closes down streets to car traffic to encourage more biking and walking.

    The event, set for Oct. 30 in North Park and City Heights, has not taken place in two years. The coalition's executive director, Andy Hanshaw, said it has taken longer than he had hoped to build support.

    "The Bike Coalition was the lead organizer on all these events and still is," he said. "For us, with a very limited staff and very limited resources, it's been difficult for us to sustain it on a routine basis. But we're happy that we're now working with several groups to make it happen."

    It's so unfortunate that the CicloSDias communications is so poorly handled. The CicloSDias Facebook page is a mess and the CicloSDias website lacks any meaningful information. This seems par for the course for SDCBC. Their overall communications/social-networking strategy is very, very poorly managed. (Terrific domain name but was hijacked to become a Japanese porn site ?? Sheesh…) (This domain name takes you to a site that is't maintained.) (I don't do Facebook either but at least there is some sort of public presence, as awkward as it is.)


    The web site seems to be up and running much better as of Labor Day 2016 weekend. There is a lot of useful information and I hope it will stay current with relevant information as the CicloSDias event draws near.

    I could quibble about some of the dated material but will let it go, hoping the information will be refined over time. Good, timely, consistent information on all media platforms (web site or social media such as Facebook or Twitter) is essential for the success of this event.

    Also; making sure the web site and social media work on all platforms like PC's & Mac's, Win OS & Apple OS & Google OS, all smart phones, tablets etc. will make a big difference to the dissemination of vital information and successful promoting of the event. seems to be working okay, if still a little dated. Hopefully the "visitor posts" will improve with time. that BillD posted doesn't seem very informative or supported. Having multiple accounts promoting the same event can become counterproductive if they are not all maintained properly.

    It's good to see the return of CicloSDias and hope for a successful event!
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2016
    Facebook event for those that like getting reminders on FB

    The Citi Summer Streets event on Park Avenue last weekend. Photograph: Noam Galai/Getty Images

    A new New York? Manhattan's oldest neighbourhood goes car-free, kind of …
    Cars restricted to 5mph over 60 blocks of Financial District, as transport department runs Shared Streets event inspired by Bogotá and Paris
    Tom Kutsch Monday 15 August 2016

    A man rides a Vélib’ bicycle near the Eiffel Tower. Photograph: Francois Guillot/AFP/Getty Images

    All-blue skies in Paris as city centre goes car-free for first time
    Angelique Chrisafis Sunday 27 September 2015
    (Old but still fun! Good video)

    The lack of sound on the Champs Elysées was striking.

    With the eight lanes of France’s most famous avenue cleared of all traffic on Paris’s first car-free day, the usual cacophony of car-revving and thundering motorbike engines had given way to the squeak of bicycle wheels, the clatter of skateboards, the laughter of children on rollerblades and even the gentle rustling of wind in the trees. It was, as one Parisian pensioner observed as she ambled up the centre of the road taking big gulps of air, “like a headache lifting”.

    Paris to go completely car-free for an entire day this September
    by Katie Medlock 08/24/2016
    Following in previous years’ footsteps, Car Free Day will take place on September 25 this year. From the hours of 11am to 6pm all motorized vehicles will be banned from the streets, inviting cyclists, skateboarders, and pedestrians to revel in the quiet atmosphere of a carless city. The Conventions and Visitors Bureau states, “People from the Paris region and visitors will be able to enjoy a peaceful and breathable city with 648.15 kilometers of car-free roads, equivalent to 45% of the area of the city.”

    The event is expanded this year to cover nearly ever neighborhood in the French capital. Car Free Day is the brainchild of non-governmental organization Paris Sans Voitures, Collectif Citoyen, who says the special day “emphasizes mobility issues, the fight against pollution, the reclaiming of public space.” There will be free outdoor activities for the public and a sense of camaraderie that is often missed when people buzz about in cars and buses.
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    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2016
    really cool paris is doing this even larger this year. going to be amazing.
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    It's so unfortunate that the CicloSDias communications is so poorly handled. The CicloSDias Facebook page is a mess and the CicloSDias website lacks any meaningful information. This seems par for the course for SDCBC. Their overall communications/social-networking strategy is very, very poorly managed. (Terrific domain name but was hijacked to become a Japanese porn site ?? Sheesh…) (This domain name takes you to a site that is't maintained.) (I don't do Facebook either but at least there is some sort of public presence, as awkward as it is.)

    They've been taking money for the Bike the Bay event for, what, nine years now? And I've yet to hear a single proposal from them that says, "Hey, what can we do to lobby for opening the bridge to bike traffic every day?"

    "America's Finest Bike Ride," my @$$...

    King Philippe of Belgium and princes Emmanuel and Gabriel during car-free Sunday in Brussels on 18 September 2016
    Photograph: Eric Vidal/Reuters

    A royal good time!

    A world without cars: cities go car-free for the day - in pictures

    By Matt Fidler 26 September 2016

    Adieu, Cars: Paris Riverfront to Be Permanently Returned to the People
    by Angie Schmitt September 28, 2016
    After years of experimentation, the Paris City Council this week committed to the permanent conversion of two miles of the Georges Pompidou expressway along the River Seine into a waterfront park.

    The 1960s expressway carried two lanes of traffic and about 43,000 vehicles a day along the Right Bank of the river. But beginning in 2011, the highway had been converted for part of the summer each year to a beach and waterfront promenade. The “Paris-Plages,” as it was called, was popular with tourists and locals as well, seeing as many as four million visitors annually.

    During the past few months, Mayor Anne Hidalgo piloted a temporary closure to test conditions for permanently opening the space to pedestrians and cyclists. Although there was some outcry from motorists, they were overshadowed by supporters of the conversion.

    It would be nice to see this happen downtown by the "Star of India" along Harbor Drive.

    Get to know your neighborhood
    October 21st, 2016
    By Lucia Viti
    CicloSDias comes to University Heights, North Park and City Heights

    “CicloSDias is a chance to experience communities, small businesses and neighbors in a refreshing and enjoyable way, minus the stress of car traffic,” said Andy Hanshaw, executive director of the San Diego Bicycle Coalition, the event’s lead coordinator.

    “CicloSDias is for everyone to rediscover the nooks and crannies that make [our local communities] a hub for locals and remember how carefree life can be outside of a car.”
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    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2016
    The northern terminus is 200 meters from my front door. I'll be leaving 30th & Adams for my first lap at 10 am, followed by bike changes and subsequent laps. I have selected 10 bikes from the vault to ride during the event and am expecting the imminent arrival of No. 30.

    At 1:30 my old friends The Bedbreakers with Downtown Alan Brown and Tim Pinnell are slated to play in the alley behind Tiger! Tiger! They are a hard rocking band worth seeing in the light of day. Fall Brewing will be a post-prandial destination. Citra Wet Hopped Green Hat IPA is a well balanced brew highly recommended.
    HMeins:expecting the imminent arrival of No. 30.

    Who is counting? Thanks for the heads up on where to go
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    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2016 edited
    Sunday was a great deal of fun. The rain started just after 3pm and was a fitting close to the event. Rode to Fall Brewing from Tiger! Tiger! in the wet. Bedbreakers were tight as usual. Tim Pinnell laid down some blistering guitar solos on his Gibson Les Paul.

    Jolie and I rode three laps of the course. First lap on 1954 Columbia Five Star American three speed/1957 Olmo San Remo with Campagnolo 4 speed. The vintage tires held air and didn't fail. Found some NOS wartime 26x1.375 Goodyear tires on eBay, but they didn't arrive in time. The Olmo step through with skirt guard was a big hit, especially down in Little Saigon at University and 38th where it drew a small crowd.

    Second lap on 1975 Austro-Daimler Vent Noir with first iteration Dura-Ace gruppo/1981 A-D "Michelle" mixte.

    Third lap on the Fisher Gemini tandem with fresh drivetrain courtesy of Spot "Cerberus" Rhodes.

    Saw Everett Hauser, Jim Baross, Jeff Magnus, Jamie Rogers, Spot and Steven at the AAB bus stop on Adams, Paul and Lane, and a cast of thousands.

    This was my first bicycle ride since surgery. Hope to start commuting again after the time change. Right hand is healing well and I'm playing piano again for the first time in a decade.
    • CommentAuthorRohler
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2016
    My wife and I made the drive down and parked in the Ace structure on 29th.
    All smiles riding the route 3 times. Some good flamenco guitar playing somewhere near University & Cherokee?
    Saw Chopper the celebrity dog. Some cool costumes and nice bikes out there.
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    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2016
    1957 Olmo San Remo with Campgnolo 4 speed

    I mean - photos, please?!
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    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2016
    i was surprised at this showing compared to the other ciclosdias events and poor weather... this was a success. i was at crazee burger enjoying happy hour. almost vomited when i saw a guy on a segway roll in (also woman riding hover board at event). so demeaning to humanity that these devices exist, when there are challenged athletes out there wishing they could have legs to use.
    • CommentTimeNov 1st 2016
    We need one of these every month.