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    I haven't been on here in a bit, but I opened up the forum to see if I could find any more news on this. I was surprised I didn't see anything on here, so I thought I'd post this so those of you who knew him got the news. I just saw on my FB that Bill Davidson has passed away. Very sad.
    Bill was very passionate about cycling and what be believed was right for cycling advocacy. It didn't always sit well with everyone's differing viewpoints, but he was full of the best intentions and I always enjoyed the discourse his perspective brought.
    I met Bill on a few of the Tuesday dinner rides and always enjoyed his company. The first time we met I passed him when he was riding on his commute and he never failed to mention it every time we saw each other. We may not have been close, but I will truly miss you, Bill D.
    Well, shit.

    Sam O. posted on FB and said there will be a memorial service / reception tomorrow, 10/19/16, at 4:00 pm, at Clairemont Mortuary, 4266 Mt. Abernathy Avenue.
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    Just read this this morning from Sam

    Samantha Ollinger
    Many of you knew Bill Davidson. He was a strong supporter of BikeSD despite some occasional disagreements and was daily commuter in San Diego well before conditions improved. He passed away on October 9th, I don't know any details. His memorial service is tomorrow. Hope you can attend. I'm sadly out of town.

    Billd's last forum entry was Sept 30, 2016
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    Bill D was an active member and contributor here and in many any cycling forums locally and nationally. He was always very passionate about what he believed in. He will be missed.
    So sorry to hear this. San Diego and cyclists all lost a great and selfless ally. Ride-on Bill D !
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    Saw the news this morning on BikinginLA.

    It takes a special kind of person to consistently go into the bowels of the internet comment section and defend our cause and rights. Bill did that and did it well.
    • CommentAuthorShady John
    • CommentTimeOct 19th 2016
    Very sad. I didn't know Bill, but he was clearly an impassioned advocate for cycling and his voice will be missed.
    So this is crazy. He lived 4 doors down from me. Our bike advocacy views did not line up but we always had good conversations about bikes.

    I have noticed a trend on Facebook and forums when people die, absolutely nobody wants to say how someone passed. Does anyone know? I don't know why that detail is held sacred and secret.
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    Velo Cult PDX:He lived 4 doors down from me.
    He lived in that location till the end, as far as I know, Sky.
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    Bill was always there to help me dogpile on the anti-bike bigots in the U-T comment section. I hope we can continue the practice in his memory.
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    So.. this was posted on Facebook today, for an event from Liberty Station on October 28th:

    "Join us to walk in memory of my brother, Bill Davidson.

    Our team name, "Ride On For Bill", kind of implies that this is a cycling event - it's not, THIS IS A 5K WALK. (It's at the same location where we had the San Diego scleroderma walk). Though Bill is no longer with us on earth, he lives in our hearts. We will continue to "Ride On" in his memory. As he advocated for cyclist rights, we will advocate for suicide awareness and prevention.

    Until we lost Bill, I was sadly unaware of how many people are affected by mental illness and suicide, either themselves or a friend or family member. The statistics are astounding:
    - Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.
    - Each year, over 44,000 Americans die by suicide (that's about 121 per day!)
    - For every suicide, there are 25 other attempts (that's over 1 million people per year!)

    Please join us in furthering suicide awareness and prevention as we "Ride On For Bill" on Saturday, October 28th.

    You can Register to walk on our team at:

    and/or Donate to help end suicide at:
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    • CommentTimeMay 24th 2017
    This brings tears to my eyes and a sob to my heart. In 2015 I lost my brother the same way. What I would give for one more bike ride with my little brother.