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    • CommentAuthoritsatravisd
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2017 edited
    My neighbor confiscated a road bike that was left unlocked against a light pole early Thursday or overnight Wednesday. I'm trying to help him get it back to the owner. The bike was found in Hillcrest on Thursday morning. He left a note at the place he collected it from but did not get any response back. We assume it was probably stolen and abandoned. A local homeless person was interacting with it briefly while collecting recycling but did not claim it when my neighbor was taking it.

    It's a black, carbon road frame. It doesn't look like it's been stripped of components except possibly a missing gps mount. It appears to be very lightly used or well cared for. There is a bike shop decal from a shop in Van Nuys, so I assume it was purchased there. My neighbor called the shop, but they could not identify the purchaser based on the serial number. He also called the manufacturer to see if it's registered to anyone and is waiting for a call back.

    If you or someone you know is missing a black carbon road bike originally purchased in Van Nuys, please message me with the make and model and information about the setup (components, pedal type, etc.). If you have the serial number or photos, that would help definitively identify the owner.

    If anyone has done this before and has advice on other ways to locate the owner, please let me know. I don't want to post a picture and give it to the first person who claims it.
    Try posting this on You could also make a general post on the bikes for sale section of Craigslist--people who have had their bikes stolen often check Craigslist to see if anyone is trying to resell it.
    In the process on Nextdoor. On Craigslist, would you just list it on the for sale section for $0 and title it "found?" I hadn't thought about trying that. Someone else mentioned National Bike Registry, but it didn't show up there.
    Yeah, for Craigslist I would put in the "for sale by owner" section and have "found- recovered stolen road bike" or something similar in the title, $0, some general description, and ask people to identify it with details.